Aug 17, 2019 | Updated: 07:24 AM EDT

Ladybird Spider May Be At Risk for Extinction

Aug 15, 2019 08:33 AM EDT

(Photo : Stelogic)

Ladybird spiders may be one of the many species of spiders present in nature and it may seem as if their extinction might not really be big news, but it definitely is of world concern. Along with 80 other species of animals at risk for extinction, the puffins and ladybird spiders have been identified by conservation charities soon after governments all over the world cut down their budget by almost half in the last three years. 

Buglife and RSPB have criticized Defra after the funding for the whole department were increased by as much as 11%, but the budget for biodiversity conservation was slashed. The charities have called the attention of Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister saying that "we must save the most iconic and well-loved species from total extinction" by putting in more funding into saving their habitats.

The document kept by the Treasury Department shows the great decline in the budget for the protection of these UK species. It has gone down each year from the 598 million in 2015 to 338 million in 2018. Buglife has identified eleven insects that could go extinct if the habitat situations in the country do the improve. These bugs may be too small to notice, but the animals that are dependent on them for food like birds and other small mammals will be greatly affected if they die. 

Turtle doves, woodcocks and merlins are just a few of the species of birds included in the list of species that are at risk for extinction. Their lives are at risk because of the lessening of their habitats which includes the lessening of their food resources. 

"The natural world plays a huge role in achieving the ultimate form of prosperity as it depends on what can be considered a healthy environment," Martin Harper said. He is the Director of Conservation for the RSPB. "Yet we continue to exploit the environment instead of nurture it. That's why the world is facing an ecological crisis which is why it is wrong for the funding to save it declines every year."

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that if people work on saving the environment, they can achieve their goals. "That's why we call on the new Prime Minister to back up the advocacy and get political commitment to work on the restoration of nature with adequate funding and support from the government," he further added. 

The promises put on the page won't be able to save UK's most well-loved species from total extinction. Urgent action on the matter needs to follow to be able to follow through all the projects aimed at saving the country's most well-loved species.

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