Technology is changing all of our lives at a fast pace. For those of you who own small businesses, it can be challenging to keep up with all of these changes. Many years ago, starting a company was more about ground-up organizing and marketing. With the advances in technology, it can be impossible to keep up.

One primary consideration is that small businesses may not have the funds to implement all of these new technological changes. There are many alternatives to business funding as opposed to falling behind the technological curve. In this article, we will cover some of the many ways that businesses are becoming more tech-savvy.

Cloud Computing

Everything happens in the cloud. From our personal lives to our business lives, everything we do involves the internet. Cloud computing has become a necessary advancement for small and large businesses.

Cloud computing is an integral part of business practices. It allows sensitive data to be stored on an array of virtual servers, which makes it more secure. The days of pencil and paper record keeping are no longer part of successful business practices.

If you want your business to run smoothly and professionally, you will need to implement cloud computing into your IT infrastructure. By linking employee computers to virtual servers, you will have more control over what type of traffic comes through your network.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing campaigns are an essential component of every business plan. Marketing has changed from the days when you had to go door to door with flyers to promote your new company.

Marketing is now centered around email campaigns, social media, and direct communication with your customers. Technology has changed the interactions between consumers and businesses. A critical part of making your business thrive in a modern environment is developing a social media campaign. This will allow you to interact well with your clients.

Telecommuting and Outsourcing

Another significant component of technology advancements is the ability to outsource certain aspects of a business. Technology has allowed for outsourcing in previously unseen ways. Some companies can take over your payroll and send out business checks for you.

Some aspects of your business might benefit from allowing employees or mobile workers to telecommute as well. A recent trend shows that telecommuting versus being in the office can make employees happier and more productive. Telecommuting is all made possible by technology.


With all of the recent technological advancements, small businesses are growing faster than ever before. If your small business can benefit from any of these drastic changes, you should certainly apply them to your business. The needs of all companies change over time, but without technology, you will fall behind in your market.