The use of solar energy is becoming popular in today's world. Solar energy provides many benefits to people and to Mother Earth. It is capable of producing heat, light, and electricity.

Solar energy provides a renewable and clean source of power. It works by capturing the sun's power and converting it into electricity for most structures. The sun is a natural nuclear reactor that releases tiny packets of energy known as photons.

Photons travel at the speed of 93 million miles in approximately 8.5 minutes from the sun to the Earth. Theoretically, enough photons impact the Earth to generate enough solar energy to satisfy the global needs for solar energy.

The International Energy Agency has reported that solar energy has become the fastest-growing source of power. Many things and structures are slowly emerging with the growth of solar technology. Solar energy is best emitted through solar panels.

Solar panels are photovoltaic panels composed of many solar cells. These solar cells are semiconductors made of silicon that convert the sun's rays into electricity. Photovoltaic solar panels are created with positive and negative layers that form an electric field similar to a battery.

Today, solar panels are not just used for structure roofing. They can also be used for solar roadways.  

What are solar roadways?

Solar roadways are modular systems of carefully-engineered solar panels where people can walk over and automobiles can run through. The panels used for solar roadways are designed with LED lights that produce light used as signage.

One of the best things about solar roadway is its ability to prevent snow and ice accumulation on roads. Solar roadways are made of tempered glass that can support even the weight of a semi-truck. While many are surprised to learn that these solar roadways are made of glass, it has a tractioned surface that is equivalent to asphalt.

The goal of solar roadways is to modernize one infrastructure at a time with modular, intelligent and specially engineered solar panels. In consonance to this, solar panels can help produce clean and renewable energy for homes, businesses, and other entities.

With this innovation, roads can be safer and more convenient to use especially during winter. These solar roadways are designed with microprocessors that allow them to provide the safety and convenience of motorists. If solar energy can fuel up automobiles, why not provide suitable solar energy for roads.

Think smart! Build solar roadways!