Is it possible for Steve Jobs, who died eight years ago, to still be alive and living anonymously in Egypt? The internet can be a wonderful reprieve from the realities of life with the gifs and memes one can freely share. However, it could also be the breeding ground for conspiracy theories about celebrities faking their own deaths and other fake news. 

Steve Jobs hiding in Egypt after faking his death from r/pics

In a post over the weekend, people have gone crazy thinking that a man in Egypt is Steve Jobs and that he never really dies eight years ago. They looked so alike that one could not tell them apart. But why are people so interested in the life (or death) of Steve Jobs? 

Jobs rose to fame as one of the founders of Apple. He was also a majority shareholder and chairman of Pixar. When he was alive, he also worked on the Walt Disney Board of directors while working on establishing neXT. 

However, in 2003, he was diagnosed with cancer that lasted for eight years until he was finally laid to rest We was only 56 when he died. And yet, the images that surfaced on the Internet over the weekend seemed to have had people thinking. Is it possible for Steve Jobs to still be alive?

When you look at it from the perspective of Science and Technology, scientists will tell you that it is nearly impossible. The similarities of the guy in the picture and Steve Jobs may be too close, but the latter is already dead. There is no way that he could be alive as the doctors said that his cancer treatments were aggressive that it killed his body in the process. 

However, the same branch of science is also looking at the possibility that Steve Jobs could be alive. The hand gesture of the person on the picture could be clearly compared to that of Steve Jobs. Hand gestures are considered communicative devices that the gestures that people make match the messages that they want to send. If one would pay careful attention to the hand gesture of both the man on the photo and Steve Jobs, one could say that they are practically communicating the same way. 

Many say that the similarities are mere coincidences. Though there are many who are convinced that it is indeed a conspiracy theory. Yet the truth remains to take the side of the sciences. It is impossible for anyone to escape the harsh effects of cancer treatments. And though the gestures seem too similar, it still leaves people with the thought that there is a difference between the two.