Technology has evolved tremendously in the last few years. From new medical procedures to artificial intelligence, the world has changed for the better!

All of these new inventions are possible thanks to innovators with amazing ideas, but what are the top inventions of the decade? This article is designed to explore a couple of them.

Laser Eye Surgery

The medical field is one of the things that have improved with technology. We can now operate on a person using a robot, a laser, and even through augmented reality!

Several different procedures have been created in the last few years, such as surgery using augmented reality, laser eye surgery, and even iris implants.

The surgeries using augmented reality are less dangerous than traditional surgeries. Specialized equipment shows you where to cut, where to drain, and even where to stitch. 

On the other hand, some procedures are risky, such as the iris implant. In this surgery, they cut a little under your iris, and then proceed to insert a special implant. This could potentially damage your sight and cause irreversible damage. Make sure that you investigate thoroughly before going under the knife.


Some people may think that GPS is an amazing invention, but other people may think otherwise. Some people may think that GPS is an amazing invention, but other people may think otherwise.

The GPS works everywhere on the planet, and it shows your location in real-time. This could be beneficial for some parents worried about their kids, but it could potentially be used for malicious or illegal activities.

There are cases where murderers found their victims by hacking into their phone and looking at their GPS location. It can also be handy when you're on a road trip, and you're lost in the woods! Take out your phone and find the nearest route right away.

Be aware of your devices and use this feature safely.

Social Networks

Social media is one of the greatest inventions of all times, period. This technology has given us the power to communicate with anyone in any part of the world!

Besides communication, it is a fantastic resource for jobs, like being an influencer, promoting your business, creating content, and much more.

Let's say you're traveling eight thousand miles away from your family, well, with social networks you can communicate with them in just one click!

Forget about those long weeks waiting for the mail to arrive; send them a text! Of course, romantic letters have much more value nowadays, because everyone can send a text, but a small percentage of people take the time to handwrite a letter.

Self-driving Cars

Car accidents can be something from the past if we continue to develop this technology. With self-driving cars, you can forget about driving when you're on a highway!

Enjoy the view during a road trip, rest while driving at night, or do your makeup on your way to work! The possibilities are endless, but make sure you're aware of everything that's going on around you.

Artificial Intelligence

AI can be found anywhere, even where you least expect it! We're all aware of robots and robotic assistants, but have you thought about your Alexa device or even a Google device as an AI unit. 

In a few years, we might be surrounded by robots that will look like humans, that can even think and analyze just like us. The tricky part will be writing the code for understanding and expressing emotion.

In Conclusion

Technology helps us in our everyday tasks; it has many benefits but can be risky too. It's well-known that there are innovations every day, so make sure you're up to date! It's so exciting to think about the future and realize that the possibilities are endless.