banana leaf
(Photo : pixabay)

A group of scientists from Peru has introduced a project that they called "Bio Plant." This project aims to save the planet from the ongoing plastic crisis that is polluting our waters and is piling up in our landfills. 

They have made dishes made from banana leaves, and they are completely biodegradable. It can help reduce environmental pollution that is caused by burning of plastics that is hurting our ozone layer and the improper disposal of them. Each banana leaf plate that is used instead of the traditional plastic plate is one less plastic that is thrown into our landfill and ocean. 

This amazing product can decompose by itself within 60 days; it naturally degrades, so you don't have to do anything. The traditional plates and plastic containers that are made of polystyrene or styrofoam can take up to 500 years before they can decompose, and they can cause damage to the flora and fauna of our oceans and our wildlife. 

Innovate Peru Program, through the Bio Challenge contest whose goal was to support the development of innovative creations and solutions that are focused on the use of the resources of our biodiversity, co-financed this banana leaf plates, resulting to the Peruvian researches to design and create machines, like shipper, presser and die cutter, that specializes in the production of these eco-friendly dishes. With this new equipment, they can manufacture around 50,000 eco-friendly dishes every month. 

The leader of the project, Josue Soto, explained how they are constantly working with small producers in the Peruvian Amazon, who are given a fair price and the technical training to use banana cultivation. Another group, the Chuwa Plant, created dishes with paper and cardboard cellulose, all of which are disposable and single-use. They are also resistant to different temperatures, liquids, and they can be used with all types of food. 

Josue Soto stated that their group does not need to cut down banana trees or remove the leaves as they automatically break off when clusters are removed from the tree. 

Measuring 22 cm x 16 cm x 3cm, these banana leaf plates are not carcinogenic because they do not have styrene, which is a petroleum derivative that is usually found in other containers. Bio Plant's product is already used in various regions in Peru. The group wants to enter the natural restaurants and wineries so they can market their products. Eventually, the group wants to distribute its eco-friendly plates to other countries.