wrapping paper
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According to a report from Sundale Research, people in America spent a total of $12.7 billion on wrapping paper, gift bags, and tissue paper in 2017 alone. Wrapping papers are made to be torn into shreds and tossed away in seconds. 

How ditching wrapping paper can save trees and the environment

It is time to stop using wrapping paper because most wrapping paper is not recycled, so it ends up in landfills. A lot of paper you might think is recyclable is actually included in the line of plastic, according to Going Zero Waste's Kathryn Kellogg. Celia Ristow of Litterless told HuffPost said that if you love decorations and artistic flourishes on your presents, you can be selective. If it has tape or glitter, it is not recyclable.

Wrapping papers sales increase during Christmas

Every Christmas, billions of wrapping paper is being used in America alone, but they end up not being recycled. Paper with glitter-encrusted is terrible for numerous reasons. It can't be recycled, and glitter is made from small pieces of plastic that is hard to wash off and can pollute the oceans, according to National Geographic.

Marine animals often ingest glitter and over time, collect them in their stomachs, which can be fatal. Recyclable gift wrap will still end up in a landfill at the end of its life. Wrapping paper accounts for a small fraction of paper that is made from recycled material. Gift wrap is just not the ideal item to recycle; it is because it's full of ink and too thin, which makes it difficult to extract fibers from during recycling. 

According to Bill Moore, a paper recycling consultant based in Atlanta, that ink diminishes the yield, and it creates extra sludge when you process it, and it requires additional chemicals. Giving up wrapping paper should not be tough. There are things that seem difficult for the public to give up because it is a part of our cultures, such as packaged foods and plastic straws, because we need to always grab something on the go. Wrapping paper, however, is easier to give up because there are gifts nowadays that do not require any wrapping, and you can give the gift as it is.     

Gift Ideas for Christmas that does not need wrapping paper:

Playstation Plus

A 12-month subscription to the Playstation Plus, an online gaming portal, is a great gift that does not need wrapping. Gamers can enjoy a rotating selection of titles, and they can also enjoy multiplayer sessions and exclusive deals on games. 

Amazon Prime membership

This present is like numerous gifts in one. There are a lot of perks that Prime members can enjoy are kindle reads, free two-day shipping, a vast library of streaming content, free PC games through Twitch, and other special deals. You can send your friends the membership right to their inbox, so no wrapping paper is needed. 


If you have children on your list of friends who loves plush toys, then Infloatables is the best one to give them because each one comes pre-wrapped in a gift bag. You can choose from an elephant or a whale, both of which come with a dry-erase patch to write a personalized message. You can also pick between a penguin and a llama which do not come with the patch, but they do have their own unique accessories like a blanket, an earmuff, and a scarf. 

Quiet Courage necklace

This silver charm necklace can help those who wear them to remind themselves to pursue a positive mindset. It comes in its own attractive gift box, and it is handmade, this necklace is not only easy to give as a gift, but it also comes with a card that explains the meaning behind each stone. 

These are just some of the gifts that you can give your loved ones without having to wrap them in a wrapping paper. There is already a movement about banning the use of plastic, from plastic bags to plastic straws, and now we are slowly moving to ban the use of wrapping paper in order to save the environment and our future.