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Everyone are aware that there are particular activities and habits that can increase your risk of cancer such as drinking, smoking, and overeating. However, there are a lot of things that we do every day that can also cause our risk of cancer to increase. The second leading cause of death in the U.S is cancer, it is just after heart diseases, so knowing the risk factors and working to protect yourself just makes sense. 

Susan Gapstur, MPH, Ph.D., and Senior Vice President of behavioral and epidemiology research for the American Cancer Society, said that there is major evidence that we can reduce the rates of cancer in the population through prevention. She believes that limiting your exposure to the following known cancer-causing activities, foods and jobs can help significantly reduce your risk. 

Sun exposure

One of the most popular activities in the summer is laying out on the beach. People take to the ocean in droves to relax and get some sun. But while being in the sun can help you unwind and feel good, it is also the leading cause of skin cancer. UV rays damage the fibers in your skin and it can cause tumors, discoloration and both precancerous and cancerous skin lesions. 

You can protect yourself from sun damage and help prevent skin cancer. Make sure that you are wearing sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher, avoid as much sun exposure between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm and make sure that you are wearing protective clothing. 

Fake tanning

Most people think that choosing an indoor tan is healthier and safer for you than tanning in the sun. However, studies have shown that tanning beds and all their associated equipment can be as deadly and more dangerous than sun exposure. Even a single tanning bed session can immediately increase your risk of developing melanoma by 20%. The American Academy of Dermatology believes that over 400,000 cases of skin cancer every year may be caused by indoor tanning. 

Experts are encouraging people to don't do tan. This is the best way to avoid increasing your risk of squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, and basal cell carcinoma. The tanning bed may be tempting, and everyone just loves a summer glow, but tanning beds are dangerous. If you wish to get a tan, you can get a self-tanning cream or lotion, or you can hit up a sunless tanning booth. These options are regarded as better and more safe as long as proper instructions are followed. 

Exposure to secondhand smoke

Even if you do not smoke, being exposed to secondhand smoke can raise your risk of getting cancer. There is no safe level of exposure, and while most public places have banned smoking on the premises, it can be difficult to avoid smoke in your home or at private gatherings. Being in the house of someone who smokes, even if they are not actively smoking at the time, can still affect and harm you. The chemicals from cigarette smoke can still stick around in carpets and furniture. 

The best way to protect yourself from secondhand smoke is to avoid smokers or places where people are allowed to smoke. If it is not possible to avoid smokers, you can educate them on the risk to you and themselves and it may convince them to drop the habit.  

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