The Serious Effects of Wildfires on Water and the Environment
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Enormous wildfires have become commonplace in today's day and age. Its impacts affect more than the surrounding land. Learn the effects of wildfires here

The effects of wildfires are damaging more than the land they burn.

Turn to any news source and you're likely to read about the destruction fires are having on our world today. The fire season tends to peak around the middle of January in Australia, but for the past four months, the island has been burning. According to the NOAA, it has been predicted that within the next fifty years, the number of days with dangerous conditions will increase.

To know how to discover a solution, you'll need to identify the problem. Here are the serious effects of wildfires on water and the environment.

Poisoning Your Oxygen Supply

Wildfires have a lasting impact on Earth's oxygen supply. Smoke from the fire, consisting of gases and water vapor, is released in the air. The particles can become stuck in your lungs, and add stress to your heart.

Wildfires increase carbon monoxide, leading to an array of health problems.

Impacting Vegetation

Plants and smaller trees are regularly destroyed during the wildfire season. The flames destroy animals' food sources and homes, posing a threat to their survival. The plants and trees that survive are vulnerable to fungus, disease, and insects because of their decreased resistance from burn injuries.

The impact on vegetation can lead to further problems for the soil.

Affecting Soil's Ability to Absorb Water

After losing vegetation, the soil tends to become hydrophobic. This thwarts its ability to absorb water. The inability to absorb liquid increases debris and sediment's transportation into larger bodies of water, polluting critical resources.

Depending on where the soil is, this can affect the food supply for the local people.

Exposes Hazardous Materials

The homes and buildings destroyed by wildfires expose hazardous materials. These threaten the health of first responders during the clean-up process. Many of the materials are disposed of improperly, creating a future threat.

The older the building, the higher the risk is of exposing asbestos. Once disturbed, the fibers become airborne. When inhaled, they can lead to the development of health complications.

Fighting the Effects of Wildfires

The effects of wildfires threaten the lives of animals, plants, and humans. The flash floods that occur after a fire carry harmful metals and infiltrate waterways. These can lead to health problems and a shortage of food.

Organizations like the Climate Leadership Council have begun the fight against harmful effects. Their mission's to introduce new climate solutions based on carbon dividends adapted to the largest greenhouse gas emitting areas.

Discover Ways You Can Help

With the right approach, the world can lower the damage caused by wildfires. Unlike other natural disasters, these dangerous fires can be prevented. Now that you know the serious effects of wildfires on water and the environment, you can begin doing your part to help preserve the planet.

The time to lead a greener lifestyle is now. You can spread awareness, donate to reputable organizations, and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Explore our site longer for more ways you can help preserve Earth.