Why businesses choose proxy over VPN and why should you?
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Many companies tend to use a proxy or a VPN for their business. Though a proxy and a VPN seem similar and provide improved security, they function differently. To compare, proxies are way better and the right choice for a business to success. Before choosing whether it's a VPN or a proxy, you must have a clear understanding of what exactly they are.

What is a proxy?

Proxy servers act as a middleman between the user and the internet. When a user surfs through the internet, proxy server masks the real IP address. Each user requests run through a proxy server and then connects the website. Using a proxy server adds security to the network layer. It decides the traffic level, performance of an application, network connectivity, etc.

What is a VPN?

A VPN or virtual private network is a private network created over a public network. It offers a secure connection to another network while surfing online. The user requests are passed through the public network as if the user's device is connected to a private network. In simple terms, VPN creates a physically public network that is virtually private.

Why is VPN used more for personal needs than business requirements?

Typically, a VPN provides enhanced security for a user while surfing through the internet. It helps in unblocking the restricted content, and the user request is masked from the perpetrators.

On a business level, the use of a VPN is not feasible because, as an organization, you will always tend to approach a more massive gathering. When approaching a larger audience, you need to keep in mind more of web data and usage. Analysis of web data and usage comes in handy with hosting a proxy server, which is merely possible with hosting in a VPN.

The security threat of data and access being stolen or misused are significant issues. A proxy server can give the most surety in the market for security than a VPN. Moreover, with a proper proxy server, you will avoid the blocking of desirable data sources, which might broadly impact your business.

Why should you choose a proxy?

Web Scraping is a significant functionality that is driven hand in hand with a proxy server. When your target can be mocked with proxy server IP address, then your source IP address is safeguarded, and extensive exposure is bypassed. A major web scraping blocker is the rate limits. The proxy servers can easily surpass the rate limits with multiple IP address usage, which makes web scraping easier. With almost 200 different IP addresses, proxy servers are meant to dodge the rate limits of any higher standard software and are highly efficient.

Irrespective of the type of industry, data gathering for market research is a top priority to keep track of the latest trends and competitors in the market space. So, having proxies is quite beneficial in improving the productivity and accuracy of the analysis. Proxies are best used for:

●     Ad verification

This is quite common in a business to ensure the ads displayed are not fake. Proxies make sure that the ads shown on the website reach the targeted audience.  You can find best proxy providers list for Ad verification here -

●     SEO monitoring

As a business user, we are more concerned about the traffic to our website. Even though traffic on a website is good aesthetically, technically, it is more annoying for the end-user. With proxy servers in place, trafficking is mostly avoided with proper navigation of sites with more IP addresses. Increasing productivity with less investment is possible by proxy servers to bring more IP addresses with less investment.

●     Travel fare aggregation

Proxies help in aggregating data from different sources like hotels, travel agencies, flight bookings, prices, etc. Extracting data of various metrics from different websites all over the net is effectively done through proxies.

●     Corporate Security

Corporate security with the Proxy server is the most reliable method in the market nowadays. A proxy will act as an additional layer between your system and the usual public traffic. A hacker can reach up to your proxy and would get into the trouble of finding the source system. Therefore, the source system is kept with at most security with the usage of proxy servers.


We have compiled the benefits of proxy for a company that is superior compared to VPN with its enhanced security, web scraping, and many more. Picking the right proxy is very important. So, ensure you choose a steadfast proxy provider with dedicated support who offers a large pool of proxies covering most geo-locations.