Definition of Artificial Intelligence

 Contrary to what artificial intelligence is and what it does, the robots of Asimov are not here yet. But, AI exists in everyday tools that we use, and they exist as apps or anything that employs a simple algorithm to guide its functions. Humans exist comfortably because of our tools; the massive intelligence of computers is sitting on the edge of quantum-based technology too.

 But, they are not terminator level threats or a virus that is multiplied hundreds of times, that hijacks AI but not yet. For human convenience, we see fit to create narrow AI (weak AI), or general AI (AGI or strong AI) as sub-types made to cater to human preferences. Between the two, weak AI can be good at a single task that is like factory robots. Though strong AI is very versatile, and used machine learning and algorithms which evolve like an infant to an older child. But, children grow and become better than

 Why research AI safety?

 For many AI means a lot and makes life better, or maybe a narrow AI can mix flavored drinks? The weight it has on every one of us is major, and we are on the verge of may come. Usually, AI is on the small-side of the utilitarian way it is used. Not a problem, as long as it is not something that controls everything relevant. It is not farfetched when weaponized it will be devastating and worse if the safety factor is unknown.

 One thing to consider whether keeping weak AI as the type used, but humans need to check how it is doing. What if strong artificial intelligence is given the helm and gifted with advanced machine learning that has algorithms that aren't pattern-based. This now sets the stage for self-improvements and abilities surpassing humankind. How far will scientist hyper-intelligence machines do what it sees fit, or will ultra-smart artificial intelligence be the overlord, not a servant?

How can AI be dangerous?

Do machines feel emotions that often guide what humans do, whether good or bad and does the concepts of hate or love apply to heir algorithms or machine learning. If there is indeed a risk for such situations, here are two outcomes crucial to that development. One is AI that has algorithms, machine learning, and deep learning (ability to self-evolve) that sets everything on the train to self-destruction.

 In order for artificial intelligence to deliver the mission, it will be highly evolved and with no kill switch. To be effective in annihilating the enemy, designed will create hardened AI with blessings to be self-reliant and protects itself. Narrow AI will be countered easily and hacked easily.

 Artificial intelligence can be gifted with benevolence that far exceeds the capacity of humans. It can turn sides ways if the algorithms, machine learning, and deep learning develop the goal. One the AI is just centered on the goal, lack of scruples or human-like algorithms will weaponize it again. Its evolving deep learning will the goal, view threats to be stopped which is us.


 The use of artificial intelligence will benefit our civilization, but humans should never be mere fodder as machines learn more. We need AI but should be careful to consider the safety factors in developing them, or we might be at their heels.

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