3 Ways Your Roof Can Save You Energy
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Nowadays, everything from appliances to light bulbs seems to be "energy saving." With concerns about the environment on many people's minds, as well as concerns about rising heating and cooling costs, there are plenty of reasons to want to save and conserve energy. Considering how heavily we rely on our gadgets and gizmos, being aware of our energy expenditure makes good sense all the way around. 

Technology continues to progress in ways that enable appliances to become more fiscally and environmentally friendly. But these energy-saving measures are not restricted to appliances alone. Believe it or not, you can save energy, and money, simply by ensuring your roof is properly installed and made of the right materials. 

How Can Your Roof Save You Energy? 

Your roof protects your home from the elements and takes quite a beating in all seasons. The snow, rain, and wind that are so often part and parcel of winter in the Midwest, not to mention the hot summer temperatures, require you to make sure your roof can withstand the climate efficiently, effectively, and sustainably. A well-crafted roof goes a long way in promoting and maintaining energy efficiency.

Three Ways Your Roof Can Save Energy

Some of the ways in which you can make sure your roof helps save, rather than waste, energy are pretty straight forward. That said, understanding the reasoning and logic behind these tips can be eye-opening and help you put your roof to even more good use. 

Use Energy-Efficient Materials 

In order for your roof to help you save energy, it must be made out of materials that are up to the task. Rooftops made out of metal, asphalt, and slate for example, are known for their durability,  aesthetic value, and longevity. In particular, metal roofing reflects the sun away from your home which helps to not only keep your home cooler in the summer, but in turn, prevents your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC) from being overworked. 

Insulate Below The Roof 

Keeping your roof insulated, whether your home was built years ago or in the recent past, is an excellent way to conserve energy. In the absence of sufficient insulation, your home's temperature is likely to be both unevenly distributed and unstable overall. That creates a situation in which air is allowed to escape from, or in through, the roof. Proper insulation can make the difference between a comfortable, energy-efficient home and one that is painfully intemperate and likely to become a money pit.

Keep Your Roof Cool

This may seem a bit unusual given our locale. Jackson Contracting Inc., located in and serving the greater Indianapolis area, sees plenty of sun, but also gets lots of cold weather. But despite the fact that we are in an area that experiences a good deal of icy temperatures, keeping your roof cool is still a great way to save energy. 

Roof temperatures are cooled by specially designed paint that serves as a protective barrier. This paint prevents the roof, no matter the materials from which its made, from absorbing too much sun. A cool rooftop, even on the coldest day, will reduce your overall energy costs, affect how much you spend on energy on an annual basis, and impact how much heat or cool air you use overall. 

Choosing a Roof That Saves Energy

The highly trained, licensed, insured and bonded roofing contractors of Jackson Contracting can help you choose roofing materials that meet your home's energy needs for the short and long term. Give us a call today to get your roof evaluated, weatherized, and made even more energy-efficient.