Twitter is currently testing a new feature called 'Fleets' that allow users to post tweets that disappear automatically after 24 hours.
(Photo : Tom Raftery on Flickr)

Twitter is currently testing its new feature known as "fleets." It allows users to post tweets that disappear automatically after 24 hours. For the time being, this experimental feature is available only in Brazil.

However, the social media company says it may eventually be made available in other countries. If fleets become available elsewhere, it can essentially modify how users interact on Twitter.

Interestingly, fleets are somewhat more similar to Instagram Stories than the usual tweet. And, if one is to observe posts via fleet, it seems that the designers of the company took some signs and signals from Instagram, as well. And, like Twitter posts, fleets are designed text-based although a user can add photos and GIFs to them, as well.

However, the seemingly temporary or short-lived posts are displayed separately from the main timeline.  

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Similarity with Instagram Stories and Facebook's 'My Day' or 'My Story'

For instance, fleets which people you follow post, are highlighted at the top part of your main feed. Reactions and replies then, go directly to your inbox, instead of the notifications which the public can see. Facebook and Instagram users will definitely agree that the fleet feature is similar to the said social media apps' features. Additionally, like the Instagram Stories, users cannot link to, or embed content that is posted as a fleet.

Explaining the main idea, Twitter said, this new feature functions by giving another way of sharing 'fleeting thoughts' which may not otherwise find comfortable and convenient to post. And, since fleets are only visible to the account owner's followers, it can give Twitter users more control over the audience they intend to share their post with.

Feature for the Users' 'Fleeting' Thoughts

Until now, Twitter has hesitated to make some changes that can modify the 'permanence' of tweets. This is the reason, the 'edit' button does not appear on the screen. Still, the users of Twitter have shown there's excitement in the ephemerality of the posts, as proofed by the increasing popularity of services automatically deleting old tweets.

Twitter product lead, Kayvon Beykpour said, when he announced the availability of the fleet, the new feature is a casual alternative to Tweet which some users may find 'uncomfortable' because of their "permanent, public nature." Fleet, lasting for just 24 hours, need to provide an outlet for the Twitter users' 'fleeting' thoughts and casual encounters.

For those intrigued how Fleets work, if you know how to use the Instagram Story feature, then, you're already familiar with the use of Fleets. Twitter users who have beta-access to Fleets will be treated to an array of lively avatars at the top part of their feed.

By simply clicking an avatar on the feed, you can already view the Fleets of the people you are following on Twitter. Don't get too excited yet, if you are looking forward to trying Fleets soon. As earlier mentioned the feature is currently available only in Brazil. But hopefully, very soon, U.S. users will get to enjoy fleets as well.