How You Should Pick the Best Data Recovery Software?
(Photo : How You Should Pick the Best Data Recovery Software?)

We store most off our vital data in our computer systems nowadays and a power failure or a virus can immediately cause all the important data that we have kept safe to be lost forever. How can we get back the lost files? This is where Data Recovery comes to play.

What is data recovery? This is a technique that can be sued to collect and store information from the secondary storage medium like the PC s hard drive. There are many external and internal methods of achieving this eat. If you wish to do it internally there are several brands of software either paid or free that are available on the net to download and use it for the desired task.

First of all, let's go through how does data recovery software works? If a file has been lost or deleted due to unspecified reasons, this changes the file system that makes it impossible for the operating system to locate the file. The software works towards retrieving such files so that you are able to use them once again. The data is being recollected from the Master Boot Record of the operating system using powerful algorithms to go through all sort of storage medium present in the system.

Now the question arises as to how you can choose the best data recovery software.  

Techniques to select the best data recovery tool

Here we will go through some of the tricks that you can apply to select the best software.

  1. A good data recovery software must have an option to allow its users to check the files before starting off the retrieval procedure. This will help select the files that can be deemed necessary although it is corrupted.

  2. Good software must be able to support different file formats such as images, videos, music, etc. Therefore you will not face any limitations in terms of storing all your data and also it will save you financially as you do not need to look out for a different type of recovery tool in case it does not work.

  3. The software must be able to retrieve data from the recycle bin even if its contents have been permanently deleted.

  4. Make sure to choose a software that has been used for several years and has had trusted reviews for almost several years.

  5. Make sure that the free data recovery software you will be using is free of any virus and malware. Your antivirus software can help you out in this case. It is better to avoid using free software for the safety of your system.

  6. Make sure your data recovery software comes with the following-a 24-hour hotline support so that you can get all your queries answered any time of the day and also has the feature of installing regular updates of the software for its optimal performance.


One most important factor is that it must be very user friendly or else people will look out for alternative s if they have trouble figuring out how to use it. However many general computer users may not be able to figure out the complicated steps involved in the recovery process so any must still seek professionals to help them out with the entire process. Whatever may be the case a good recovery software must be your savior of the day who can get any files you might have lost with ease.