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(Photo : Photo by Kelvin Valerio from Pexels) Breathing techniques help coronavirus patients by ensuring that oxygen gets deep into the lungs.

JK Rowling shared a video on how to do proper breathing techniques for those afflicted with COVID-19. She claims to have been stricken with the virus, and the breathing techniques coached her back into full recovery. The video is of Dr. Sarfaraz Munshi, who works at Queen's Hospital in London. Since the disease targets the respiratory system, Munshi cautioned patients to stop lying on their back, as it restricts breathing.

According to him, the practice is the only way to get oxygen deep into the lungs. It is essential to do so to avoid the disintegration of the lungs. Praise for the technique flowed from Rowling as she said it helped her recover from a suspected case of coronavirus.

Rowling Contracted Coronavirus

A Twitter post from Rowling confirmed that she has been experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 for the past two weeks. She claims that she is now completely recovered and gives credit to the video she later on shares for others to learn. She prompts that the technique is recommended by doctors, free, has no side effects, and could help you and your loved ones.

Celebrities and other important personalities are not exempt from contracting the virus. Aside from the Harry Potter author, Idris Elba, Tom Hanks, US pop singer Pink, and heir to the British throne, Prince Charles are also fighting the virus.

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Breathe Deeply

The breathing technique helps oxygen get deep into the lungs and helps fight off infection.
The breathing technique helps oxygen get deep into the lungs and helps fight off infection.

Critical cases of COVID-19 almost always lead to compromised lung function, warranting the need for a mechanical ventilator as a result. Dr. Munshi emphasizes the importance of following the breathing techniques.

He also stresses that coronavirus patients should avoid lying on their backs. Lying down diminishes the lung capacity and closes the airways. Sue Elliot, a director of nursing, relies on this breathing technique in helping her patients in the intensive care unit.

Even those who are at home in self-isolation can also benefit from these techniques. The breathing technique is recommended even without an infection. The earlier you practice them, the better.

Doctors place critical patients in a prone position to prevent lung collapse. The purpose of this is to help the alveoli to open up more. These are tiny sacs inside the lungs that take in the oxygen. Lying on their stomach helps with fluid drainage, hindering the lungs from getting sticky, and boosts blood flow.

How to do the Breathing Technique

The technique is done by taking five deep breaths and ending the sixth deep breath with a forceful cough. Be sure to cover your mouth when coughing. Repeat the process twice.

Dr. Munshi advises to lay flat on the stomach and breathe deeply for ten minutes after doing two cycles of the technique. This helps because the majority of the lung is on the back, and not on the front.

He warns what lying on the back will close off the smaller airways even more, which isn't favorable during the duration of an infection. He cautions that it will increase one's risk of secondary pneumonia, which will only contribute to further deterioration.

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