How to Save Energy Using These Energy Efficient Curtains Perfect for your Homes
(Photo : Amazon) ECLIPSE Kendall Solid Blackout Window Curtains for Bedroom
How to Save Energy Using These Energy Efficient Curtains Perfect for your Homes
(Photo : Amazon) Linen Blackout Curtains

You may have noticed that in hotels their rooms are not as drafty as they might be in your houses. It is because they use curtains that are efficient devices that can help you save money on monthly utility bills while improving the comfort and beauty of your rooms.

In the UK, the residential sector is responsible for 29% of the total energy consumption with 62% of this energy is used for space heating. A wide number of studies have already looked at physical interventions to improve energy efficiency as heat loss through the fabric of building elements is a crucial factor in the energy efficiency of homes.

Fortunately, you can now buy energy-efficient curtains online. These curtains will help prevent heat transfer, block sunlight, and dampen noise. During summer, the cooled air inside will be prevented from being heated or escaping outside. When winter comes, the opposite happens; it will help heated air inside from being cooled or escaping outside.

Installing these energy-efficient devices will allow you to set your air conditioner back during the warm summer months and set your furnace back on cold winter months. As a bonus benefit during the winter season, you can open your curtains during the day so that warm air can enter your room and then close it when the sun goes down to keep the warm air inside.

Below are just some of the best energy efficient curtains that you can purchase online via that you will surely love!

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H.VERSAILTEX' Blackout Curtains

This blackout curtains from H.Versatilex is made of triple-weave pure blackout fabric, with no chemical coating, these can block out 9% of the sunlight and prevent 100% UV rays. Any person will be delighted to visit your home as it is vinyl-free, environment friendly, and safe especially for kids.

These motif pattern thermal insulated curtains are the upgraded version of normal ones. Innovated soft and smooth material, it is pleasant to feel and compliments most of the room décor. Perfect for your living room, bedroom, or your home office.

It also features a high performance on room darkening, thermal insulation, noise-reducing, balances the temperature, and most of all helps you save energy as it functions as an energy-efficient device for your home.

ECLIPSE Kendall Solid Blackout Window Curtains for Bedroom

Made of polyester material, this simple yet stylish solid curtain instantly elevates any room such as the living room, your kids' room or the nursery. It blocks out between 98% to 99% of sunlight and harmful UV rays to ensure privacy.

Energy-efficient, the patented thermal back technology designed to block out intrusive sunlight reduces noise and gives thermal benefits. During summer, it provides an insulated barrier; and in winter, it blocks out chilly air balancing your room temperature and save on energy bills.

Linen Blackout Curtains

Made of faux linen polyester, the interwoven construction features natural blackout effect, it has no chemical coating added, but still blocks out at least 85% sunlight and prevent harmful UV ray. This opaque piece darken your room, reduce unwanted noise and gives you your privacy.

Perfect on thermal insulation, energy-saving, and balances the temperature. It efficiently blocks cold or hot air transfer from outside and prevents drafts in cold months and keeps warm air out during the summer season.

Using energy-efficient curtains instead of installing energy-efficient windows will help you save money on electricity and the installation itself. For more of these products, check out and choose the best product for you!

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