Make Mother's Day Special With These Newest Flower Trends: Dried Flowers!
(Photo : Amazon) Naturally Dried Flower: Baby's Breath
Make Mother's Day Special With These Newest Flower Trends: Dried Flowers!
(Photo : Amazon) Dried Lavender Bundle
Make Mother's Day Special With These Newest Flower Trends: Dried Flowers!
(Photo : Amazon) Dried roses

Flowers are timeless gifts to any occasion, especially during mother's day. If you have not thought about any mother's day gifts yet, you might want to put some thought on the subject. Despite the hardships that the world is facing right now due to COVID-19, the National Retail Foundation reported over 80% of consumers are planning to buy gifts for the occasion, including electronics, housewares, gardening tools, and a lot more.

As your mother's child, you most certainly know what makes her happy. Some mothers appreciate new tech or smart home gifts that can help them keep up with the tasks at home while some mothers might have hoped for fitness-related gifts or cooking tools.

But whatever you plan, you sure want to make it a little more extra special in some way. One way to do it is by giving her a beautiful bouquet. You could never go wrong with a bunch of flowers that could bring so much joy to her day.

With the current lockdown situation, you cannot go out to pick up a batch. But worry no more, for we have the perfect solution! You can order your flowers online from, rest assured that your floral gift will arrive on time for your mom's special day plus.

To help you find the right and trendiest flower designs online, we have rounded up some of your best options below, so it will be a lot easier for you to find the type of flowers you'll be needing.

Natural dried baby's breath flower

Ranoff's natural dried baby's breath flower can certainly help you win compliments from your mom. It still remains fresh-looking and beautiful even after days of being dried. Your mom will surely appreciate these flowers since you can put them as decorations anywhere, such as in your dining room, office, or bedroom.

Baby's breath flowers symbolize everlasting and undying love for your family and loved ones. It also symbolizes pureness and freedom from outside influences or corruption.

Dried royal velvet lavender bundles

Harvested from Nustad family ranch, your mother will surely appreciate you for its beautiful blooms that do not diminish even if it's the dried version. It is perfect for crafting lavender arrangements, wreaths, bouquets, and other decorations such as home furnishing.

The 14 inches long stems of 50-100 lavenders are 100% certified organic, farm direct lavender. They are currently arranged to dry inside the Main Barn of the Nustad family ranch for a better product.

Made from the True Gosso variety, which contains the highest lavender essential oil of any of its types. You will receive your bundle in a carefully wrapped paper and padded to minimize bud loss during shipping. So if you're thinking of buying one, you might want to consider purchasing from them.

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Real Natural Dried Roses

Of course, the all-time favorite flower is also available online. You can find roses on any occasion, so why not give one to your mother, right?

Rose is a genus of some 100 species of perennial shrubs and is primarily native to temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Many roses are cultivated for their beautiful flowers, which range in different colors from white to various tones of pink and yellow to dark crimson and maroon.

Giving your mom roses will surely make her feel good, especially with its natural, delightful fragrance, which may vary depending on the climatic conditions it came harvested.

With the world in lockdown and the uncertainty makes people feel more anxious, celebrating special days will become more special this year. Many will most likely look through social media and websites for inspiration and references where to buy gifts for their beloved mothers this Sunday, and they will start looking for dried flowers.

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