A viral video in Tiktok is sharing to the world a hack in cleaning the garbage disposal. TikTok user Desiree shared the trick on May 7, which has already been viewed for 5.9 million times.

The trick involves using ice cubes and a bit of hot water to clean garbage disposal with immediate visible results. She stuffed the ice cubes into the garbage disposal, then ran hot water over it, and instantly, dark water rose a sign that the trick really works.

Daily Mail reported that even without the hot water over it, the trick would work just fine because ice particles are cleaning the disposal, according to experts.

Testing a Hack from Tiktok

On May 7, a mother of two, Desiree, under the username @dm3lt, shared the trick in which she has also picked up from another Tiktok video, and says that according to what she saw, the trick is going to change the game.

She noted during the beginning of the video that she is trying the trick because her garbage disposal is emitting a foul smell and hopes that the method will work.

In her video, she instructs the viewers to shove a bunch of ice down into the device while also demonstrating as she pushes ice into the hole and leaves many more around outside the drain.

Then, she turned on the disposal and took a video as it grinds up the pieces of ice. While it is running, she turned on the hot water and runs it over the ice in the disposal, just as how she instructed to the viewers.

A few seconds later, dark and dirty water begins to rise up from the garbage disposal, whirling in a disgusting puddle. She was amazed that the trick is actually working, the same as the 5.9 million viewers.

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Why did the Trick Work?

According to many plumbing sites, even without adding the hot water, the trick will still work. It is because the ice is doing the cleaning by itself. The ice is hard enough to sharpen the blades and scrub the garbage disposal clean, by getting into tough areas inside.

Furthermore, the trick seems to work as well even without running hot water, since it will take the dirt away from the disposal once the ice melts. It is also not advisable to use hot water because it may send the oil and grease down the drain and may cause clogging.

Another way to clean a garbage disposal, according to thespruce.com, is to use everyday household products such as kitchen sponge and dish soap.

Before cleaning the garbage disposal, make sure it is turned off, and your hand should not be near the blades. Then, using the abrasive sponge, scrub under the baffle and grinding chamber to get all into all of the folds and creases.

For other ways, you can also use baking soda and vinegar (optional), ice, rock salt (optional), bleach solution (optional), and citrus peel (optional).

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