One of the 45 volunteers in Moderna Therapeutics' coronavirus vaccine trial has suffered an adverse reaction such as arm pain and a fever that reached 103.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ian Haydon, 29, shared his experience after receiving a coronavirus jab which followed a visit to the urgent care unit, vomiting then passing out, and eventually recovering after a few days. He is one of the four people reported to have experienced severe adverse reactions to the candidate vaccine.

Despite that, Haydon still advocated for people to get vaccinated against the virus when one becomes available.

Ian's Medical Ordeal on Moderna's Coronavirus Vaccine

In a report by Daily Mail, a vaccine trial participant said that he suffered a severe reaction after receiving a dose of Moderna's coronavirus vaccine candidate. The man named Ian Haydon, from Seattle, Washington is one of the 45 volunteers who was given an immunization against coronavirus.

In a statement in STAT News, he said that his temperature went up to 103.2 degrees Fahrenheit just 12 hours after he was administered with the second dose of the vaccine. His medical ordeal involved fainting in his home after being released from an urgent care clinic and arm pain.

Haydon told STAT News that his story might be frightening to some people, but he hopes that it does not fuel any general antagonism towards vaccines in general or towards Moderna's candidate vaccine.

According to Haydon, during the first dose of the vaccine, he felt a slight arm pain and trouble lifting his arm beyond his shoulder. It gradually recovered after a few days.

Then on the second dose, he quickly developed arm pain. It was around 10 pm or 10 hours after arriving home when he developed chills and woke up with a fever and sore throat, and the urge to throw up was strong.

His girlfriend brought him to an urgent care clinic at 5 am, where they stayed for an hour. Haydon was administered with Tylenol and was recommended by his doctors to transfer to a hospital. But he insisted on going home.

He slept for five hours and woke up with a fever of 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit. He immediately went to the bathroom where he throws up before fainting. His girlfriend called the clinic and was advised to return him to the urgent care or call 911.

But just after a few hours of resting on the couch and drinking sports drink with a wet towel on his forehead, Haydon's fever vanished, reported by STAT News. A few days later, Haydon is back to his normal self.

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Still Yes to Vaccine

Haydon is not the only one who suffered adverse effects from the candidate vaccine. Among the 45 volunteers, four of them reported non-life threatening adverse reactions.

According to Moderna, the three volunteers, including Haydon, received the highest dose possible, which resulted in adverse reactions of their bodies. Meanwhile, the fourth volunteer received a lower dose and has suffered rashes on the area where the vaccine was administered.

Despite what he went through, Haydon still encourages everyone to be vaccinated and said that he did not regret enrolling in the study because he knew the scientists are taking precautions. Phase I aims to figure out the right dosage for humans to develop antibodies but no side effects.

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