With people stuck at home due to quarantine and lockdown regulations, it is a challenge to stay fit due to frequent snacking, always ordering from delivery services, and trying the latest baking trends. Here are the four best ways to stay fit during quarantine.

4 Best Ways to Stay Fit During Quarantine
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Live Stream

Doing live stream workouts with a gym coach, a personal trainer or a fitness guru resembles home fitness from the '90s but with a modern upgrade. Since gyms have been closed all over the world, people have resorted to workouts via Facebook and other platforms.

A spokesperson from Facebook shared, 'COVID-19 has suspended the lives of billions of people around the world. As this global public health crisis advances and more people are physically separated from their communities, we hope to connect with people on Facebook, makes it easier for people to stay home, healthy and safe.'

Back then, when exercise TV shows and VHS programs came out, home fitness changed forever. Katie Rose Hejtmanek, an anthropologist from Brooklyn College in New York explained, 'With the women exercising at home for Jack LaLanne, [the godfather of modern fitness], it was just a beauty standard: 'OK, I gotta get this over with, check the box, and then I can go have my martini and my cigarette.''


Today, we have the luxury of various workouts to choose from, ranging from focused workouts such as core or legs, as well as strength training or high-intensity interval training (HIIT). A second way of keeping in shape during quarantine is finding workouts on youtube.

Although there are many workout apps as well, youtube is free and fitness gurus often share advice with healthy eating and overall lifestyle. Some notable YouTubers to follow are Cassey Ho, the creator of Blogilates (pilates blog), Chris Heria, who owns the calisthenics school Thenx, and the pair Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott who teaches nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle.

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Self-Isolation Dance Parties

Another fitness hype that's been trending during the pandemic is self-isolation dance parties. Ante Kovac (director) and Stuart Campbell (cinematographer) released a dance film called 'Stevie' to portray what Gen Zs are going through amidst self-isolation and social distancing.

In Canada, artists from Toronto have even created a daily dance party group via Zoom called Club Quarantine, hosting as much as 500 people in one session. Brad Allen, one of the founders, shared, 'I thought I was going to be in bed eating Cheetos and staring at the sunlight through the window, but that's not the case.' College student Mehul Agarwal, who attended one of the sessions shared, 'People realized that in this time of social distancing, we needed to turn to social networks to bridge that gap in the community.'

Yoga & Meditation

The fourth most effective way to stay fit at this time is beyond physical activity like yoga, meditation and aromatherapy focus on holistic well-being. Deepak Chopra, a wellness expert, and Indian-American author had been one of the prominent figures in the current spotlight.

Meditation helps reduce stress while the focus on breathing can have a good effect on the mind and spirit. Deepak Chopra explains, 'we don't need to apply the words "religious" or "spiritual" to these modes of healing... Spiritual well-being is alien to many people's daily lives, and with the decline of organized religion, millions of people experience a sick soul, however you want to define it - weariness of heart, existential dread, a sinking feeling that nothing really matters - without finding a way out.'

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