5 Scientific Studies with Real Insight into Social Media
(Photo : 5 Scientific Studies with Real Insight into Social Media)

Back when the social media model was introduced to the world, no one would have ever thought about the daily applications of this platform. Social media has been used to influence customer purchase decisions and gain access to a variety of information. 

A lot can be achieved through this digital platform, but have you ever wondered about the science underlying? Here are research studies that show real scientific insight about social media.

Direct interactions make a huge difference

The thought of interacting with customers directly makes some marketers want to escape their skin but that is what they should be looking into. 

According to the results of a study conducted by Nanjing University and the National University of Singapore, marketers should be focused more on direct interactions. Interacting directly with customers greatly influences their purchase decisions and tested their theory. 

Their study results were that on average, the followers made at least a purchase with $22 more. That indicates the potential of directly interacting with customers appropriately. Marketers should be focused on this aspect rather than focusing solely on posting content on their timelines.

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Follower retention works over viral marketing

Microsoft Research and the Stanford University team created a study intended to debunk the myth of the efficacy of viral marketing. The results of the research study indicated the inefficiencies of viral marketing and how marketers should focus more on retaining customers. 

These researchers discovered how many followers you can get by retaining the ones you have and trying to increase that number by 20% with each post. 

The results were that by the time you have posted 120 times, your numbers would be reaching 32 billion followers. Whereas, making viral content can easily wear off without any substantial or concrete results that last for a long time. The name of their study was "The structural virality of online diffusion" and it gave great insights into the content of viral marketing.

The superiority of Instagram

Instagram has been considered one of the most effective marketing tools because of the research conducted by Quintly. The study indicated that the engagement rate on this platform is far better than all the other platforms. It is currently over 4.7%, whereas Facebook is trailing at 3.22%. Users have used Instagram to search for the best MacBook computers and a lot of other topics. 

They respond positively to the content posted on this platform instead of just scrolling further down their timeline. That does not indicate the superiority of Instagram only but shows how much visual content sells. To get customers interested in your brand, it might be very prudent to utilize visual content for positive engagement.

Future analytics of Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube

Social marketing has been implemented mostly on Facebook and Instagram because of the readily available that supports this aspect of the business. That has led to a lot of businesses flocking towards these platforms while leaving a large gap on ones such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. 

A study conducted by Social Media Examiner to try and pick the brains of marketers revealed that more businesses would migrate to these less used platforms. 

Around 66% of marketers were planning on moving over to Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube because of the potential these platforms bring. The study included more than 3,700 marketers and up until this day, more businesses are emerging on the radar of these social media platforms indicating more potential growth. 

How to segregate content amongst channels

The Global Web Index gave some scientific results about how content should be segregated amongst the different channels. Business owners and marketers can use the data provided by their report to choose the most effective channels for them. Almost half of Twitter users accessed this platform to read a news story or a trending topic. 

Whereas, far fewer individuals visit Twitter to check up on a friend or direct message a friend. On the other hand, Facebook has been used for this very purpose. 

Friends and family use the latter social media platform to catch up and see updates on their loved ones instead of looking for news. That makes it more suitable to create news content mostly for Twitter and more casual pictures for Facebook.

The bottom line

You can use these 5 insights when planning and implementing a social media marketing strategy. These insights are backed by concrete evidence and scientific research conducted by reputable institutions across the world. If you would like to make a real difference in the social marketing strategy you're implementing, these are the insights to consider and brainstorm methods of implementation. Do not be left out on industry trends such as migrating to Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube to maximize your reach.

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