Healthcare is one of the most popular topics of interest nowadays, which makes college students want to study this profession in even more depth. Health professions are, however, demanding, and require serious work, so students must pick a college that suits their future needs. School can have an important impact on your future career, so choosing the right university for you is essential. Schools that are rated the highest feature a wide variety of pros and rank the highest in most important world rankings. Here are some of the best schools for health students that we found valid in 2020. 

University of Delaware

Location: Newark, DE

It is worth mentioning that the University of Delaware is the second most popular university in the state, with its highest degree type offered being a PhD. Some of the best health professional programs can be found here; University of D enters top 400 health professional schools in the United States. The university's mission is to cultivate learning and develop knowledge and its focus is on the scientific subjects. This uni has an entire center dedicated to health professional studies, which offers students the ability to get first hands-on experience. 

Molloy College

Location: Rockville Centre, NY

Being one of the most popular health colleges in NY, Molloy College offers a wide number of health professional courses for students interested in this field. Some of the most popular programs are Child Abuse ID, Infection Control, Medical Assistant Certificate Program, Pharmacy Technician, Nursing, and a few others. Molloy College also offers Associate's degrees in some of the most common areas of interest, which are Cardiovascular, Respiratory Care, and Nuclear Medicine. You can find out more details about the school by contacting them directly for enrollment. Remember that the college has an important requirement for admission, essay writing. So, for students who need to check death penalty essay samples or other medical-related topic essays to get a gist of what the university requirements are, browse Molloy's website.

University of Mississippi

Location: University, MS

Considered the topmost popular school in MS, University of Mississippi offers good options for anybody interested in the healthcare field. This university has a full-service office dedicated to this profession, which is the Health Professions Advising Office. The uni holds various informative events for interested students. They offer various courses and programs for helping students enter the healthcare field, such as nursing, allied health professions, dental hygiene, radiologic sciences, medical lab sciences, and health informatics, etc. Their website has not yet been updated to share that information but you can always contact them to find out more. 

Saint Louis University 

Location: Saint Louis, MO

Saint Louis University is the second most popular university in Missouri, offering PhD as their highest degree type. The university offers relevant coursework for those students interested in entering the medical field. Most students will need at least 120 credits for their degree completion, which can be accomplished by taking classes with a scientific baseline for pre-med scholars or entering non-clinical courses that are, however, health-related. Some of the most popular degrees that they offer are Athletic Training, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Nuclear Medicine Technology, and Nutrition and Dietetics. 

Ursuline College 

Location: Pepper Pike, OH

This private not-for-profit college is church-affiliated and strictly for women. One of the most popular programs here is Nursing, which offers a high-quality national degree. The degrees at Ursuline are accredited by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, which in turn accredits the student's ability and skills in the field. Ursuline College offers other health care programs as well, including medical, dental, vet school, or pharmacy. 

University of Washington 

Location: Seattle, WA

The School of Public Health at the University of Washington offers programs for both undergrads and graduates looking to expand their horizons. Some of the most common programs students enroll in are Global Health, Epidemiology, Occupational Medicine, Health Administration, Health Information Management, Nutritional Services, and Biostatistics. The university offers certificates in various fields of interest as well. Some examples include a Certificate in HIV & STIs or a Certificate in Health Economics and Outcomes Research. 

Nova Southeastern University

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Health Profession Division at Nova Southeastern comprises courses in different colleges such as medical sciences, dental sciences, nursing, allopathic medicine, osteopathic medicine, etc. The program focuses on training students to become successful physicians. This division of the college undergoes important changes even now, as they are trying to expand. 


Becoming a healthcare professional can be challenging but a beautiful way to give back to the world. If you want to attend the best schools in this field, check out the programs above. I am sure you will find all the information that you need by accessing the school's website or contacting them directly. Good luck!

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