For most people, wearing face masks could be frustrating and uncomfortable, especially if you are one of those who are not used to it. How much more if people with glasses wear a face mask? Aside from breathing concerns, they would also have a hard time seeing their surroundings.

As these people exhale, their warm breath shoots upwards to the top of the face mask, and upon its entry to the colder lens, it cools down and forms condensation or commonly known as fogging. Having to take off the glasses to wipe them clear could be an infection risk.

7 Tips to Avoid Fogging Your Eyeglasses While Wearing Face Masks
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7 Tips to Avoid Fogging Your Eyeglasses While Wearing Face Masks

Fortunately, experts in the field or those health workers who have the experience of wearing face masks for long have developed techniques on solving that problem.

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1. Wash glasses with soap and water

Soap and water could help prevent fogging. Make sure that after washing your glasses with soap and water, you wipe them clean with a microfiber cloth that usually comes free when you but a pair of glasses. The science behind this technique is that soap prevents surface tension, so fog will not stick to the lenses.

2. Apply shaving foam

Shaving foam is mostly used by men in grooming themselves, but it can also help prevent fogging in your glasses. Just put a thin layer of shaving foam to the lenses then wipe them clean. The residual foam will prevent the lenses from getting mists.

3. Use de-misting spray

Before using any commercial de-misting spray, make sure it is compatible with the type of lens or its existing coatings. Use a de-misting spray that dries clear, and it can be bought online or from your optometrist.

4. Mold the nose bridge of the mask

The top part of the face mask has a wire that you can fold or mold to your nose bridge. Do that to reduce the gap that permits the warm air from entering your glasses. It is specially made for that purpose.

5. Use twist ties or pipe cleaners

Surgical masks are not the only masks you can wear, so if you are making your own, consider adding a twist tie from a loaf of bread or use a pipe cleaner to the top seam of your DIY face mask. Use that to mold your nose bridge and have the same effect as the wire of the surgical mask.

6. Apply a strip of tape

Some health professionals tend to be creative and resourceful in avoiding fogging their eyeglasses. They use a strip of tape that is specially designed to use on the skin and tape it to the mask's top edge to seal the gap. Tapes like that are available online or the pharmacy.

7. Wear a nylon stocking over your face mask

According to Victoria's health department, nylon stockings also provide a snug fit across the cheeks and nose bridge. They recommend wearing one layer of it over the face mask, make sure that it fits around the curve of the nose and cheeks to prevent the warm moist air from coming up.

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