Level Home is a hardware startup that introduced its first product earlier this year. Their innovative smart lock has caught the attention of many, and now they are releasing a brand new design.

The company initially broke new ground in home automation with the invisible design of the smart lock, unlike any other products that perfectly fit a wide range of standard doors and existing external deadbolt hardware.

Now, they have taken another step further, introducing the new Level Touch with the thumb-turn and exterior key plate and new smart technology capabilities, doors can be programmed to open with just a touch of a finger.

Level Touch

Level Home's second product of the year, Level Touch, uses the same innovative technology as its first product, the Level Bolt. But with Level touch, its full package includes a complete lock replacement that does not rely on any current deadbolt parts. This new technology costs $329, available on their website.

Level's new smart lock uses the Bolt's internal mechanism and comes with a front door bezel complete with a keyhole and also a back bezel with a lever, which essentially replaces the parts of a door lock.

Level has expanded its technology on the outside by adding capacitive touch for unlocking or locking the door, authenticating over Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) using a smartphone.

This new technology allows homeowners to unlock or lock their doors by just touching the lock. It also maintains Level's sleek design and philosophy that smart technology should blend with everyday life.

That means, Level Touch seems like an ordinary lock on the outside, without the hefty battery backs or motors attached to the door. There are no keypads or fingerprint scanners as well. All of Level Touch's electronics, motors, battery, and smart technology is embedded inside the lock mount and deadbolt.

Furthermore, the lock is made of stainless steel certified to meet all the highest standards in the industry of lock and security reliability. With the keyhole and the lever, homeowners would still be able to use it just as the way they use their current deadbolt.

Level Touch also supports NFC cards using the Level app to access multiple entrances and to remotely revoke the access if ever it gets lost. It is different from the NFC lock key used by the Tesla Model 3.

Level Home Introduces Its New Smart Lock that Opens With Just A Touch
(Photo: Level Home)
Level Home Introduces Its New Smart Lock that Opens With Just A Touch Screenshot from Level Home

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Smart HomeKit

Level Bolt and Touch works with Apple HomeKit and is now working on adding support from other programs like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Using Level's auto-lock and unlock feature, there is no need to rely on HomeKit's geofencing for that similar feature.

Level touch is the realization of a seemingly impossible technology with a fuller experience than what is available with its predecessor, Level Bolt. It is now at the top of the smart lock market without telling the whole world that it is a smart lock, thanks to its sleek design.

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