Reaching out to all of your potential audience can become a stressful process. YouTube has billions of monthly active users and narrowing them down seems impossible. However, the promotion of your channel can become much easier if you use social media to your advantage. These platforms also receive billions of users every month, and for this, they are the best place to get video views. Of course, your efforts are going to show much easier if you first visit the best site to buy YouTube views.

In this article, you are going to find out how you can use your social media to generate video views for your YouTube channel.

#1 Create Accounts for all Popular Social Media

In recent years, social media platforms are on the rise. Therefore, you will find your audience in more than one of them. On Facebook, you will need to create a page for your YouTube channel, where you will upload every new video you post. On Instagram, you can either create a new account for your channel or turn your personal account into a professional one. This will enable you to check the analytics that will show you how much your audience is engaged in your content. Moreover, you shouldn't neglect to create accounts for Twitter and Pinterest.

#2 Research if your Audience is in a more Niche Platform

However, there is a high chance that your potential audience is not on Facebook or Instagram. There are many more social media platforms that you need to explore. For example, Generation Z has turned to Tik Tok, Snapchat, and all of its alternatives. If you are based in India, where Tik Tok is banned, you should explore the option of Chingari, an application that is getting a lot of traffic lately. Furthermore, try to build a reputation on Reddit as it is an ideal place for promotion, once you get the hang of it. No matter where you promote, though, you always need to enhance your videos with views and likes from the best site to buy YouTube views.

#3 Create Teasers for your Videos

The social media you use should aim to drive users to your YouTube channel. For this reason, you should create teasers to build the hype of your followers. First of all, share photos from behind the scenes. Then, you can share small videos with hints for your upcoming video. Another great idea is to create polls and ask your followers to decide what your next video is going to be about. By doing this, you give users something to look out for.

#4 Upload Smaller Versions of your Videos on Facebook Watch

How to Use Social Media for more YouTube Views
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Facebook is probably the most popular social media platform for the promotion of a YouTube channel. On your page, you can directly post a link to your videos, which gives you plenty of views. However, you shouldn't neglect Facebook Watch, a powerful feature that can give your page a significant boost. To do this, you need to upload a video natively on Facebook. However, you still want users to visit your YouTube channel. So, instead of posting the video in its entirety, you can create a smaller version for Facebook Watch. At the end of this version, make sure to include a link to your YouTube channel.

As you can see from 5-minute Crafts' page, they use Facebook Watch with great success, as every one of their videos is getting millions of views. Along with this type of promotion, you can boost your channel by visiting the best site to buy YouTube views.

#5 Use the Power of Hashtags

How to Use Social Media for more YouTube Views
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One of the easiest ways to raise awareness about your YouTube channel is to take advantage of hashtags. These useful tools can be used in every social media platform, from Facebook and Instagram to Tik Tok and Twitter. As you can see from this picture, taken from the Instagram account of Troom Troom, you can use multiple hashtags at once. These will enable users who are searching for these terms to discover your content.

#6 Host a Giveaway on all Platforms

Giveaways are a popular way of attracting followers and subscribers. If you host a giveaway and promote it on every social media account you own, then you will definitely bring a lot of new subscribers to your channel. However, before you launch this strategy, make sure to visit the best site to buy YouTube views to enhance your channel. Moreover, the giveaway should explicitly ask your followers to subscriber to your channel for a valid entry. In the case that you also want more views, you can ask them to leave a comment on a specific video.  

#7 Create a Facebook Group for your Audience

How to Use Social Media for more YouTube Views
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Social media are great for forming communities. For this reason, you shouldn't just create a page for your YouTube channel. Your viewers want to interact with one another and share their thoughts. As you can see in the picture, So Yummy has realized that and has opened multiple groups for its followers. A Facebook group is a community that every member can post their thoughts. This encourages conversation and engagement. There are even cases where the Facebook group has more members that the Facebook page.

#8 Share Other Creators' Content on your Platforms

A social media platform is an excellent place to show your character to your followers. In order to achieve this, you should refrain from only promoting your channel. Users will quickly spot this and they will turn away from you. To avoid this, remember to post and share content from other creators. By sharing other videos, you show that you are interested in other things rather than self-promotion and you can also start building relationships with other creators. Over time, this might turn into partnerships that will bring you an even greater audience.

Every YouTube creator should use social media for the promotion of his channel. Nevertheless, the strategies are only successful if the channel has already some traffic. For this reason, visit the best site to buy YouTube views and boost all of your content.