Bose takes the next step in delivering sleep-friendly earbuds with the release of Sleepbuds II, first announced on Tuesday, September 22.

Its product website presents tiny earbuds plus a simple app for easily achievable good night's sleep. Following the same idea as the original Sleepbuds, the second iteration is also designed specifically for sleeping.


Specifically Engineered for a Good Night's Sleep

The Sleepbuds II is scheduled for release on October 6, starting at $249.95. Preorders are now available on the Bose website. Concerning the price, Bose explains the amount of effort, research, and breakthrough technology incorporated into the promising sleep-ready earbuds.

"Bose Sleepbuds II use advancements in our proprietary noise-masking technology because covering sound - not canceling it - is better for sleeping," said Steve Romine, Bose health division head, in a press release.

It features ultra-lightweight buds fitted with soft and comfortable ear tips, using a proprietary design by Bose specifically for an all-night fit. Each earbud sinks about a quarter-inch deep into your ear, which holds a comfortable fit even for people who sleep sideways, their heads pressed against a pillow.

Furthermore, Bose has added an "anti-friction" coating, virtually eliminating that squeaky sounds whenever the earbuds are pressed, or when it rubs against other materials.

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The Sleepbuds II is designed to work together with the Bose Sleep App, available for iOS and Android devices. Included in the exclusive setlist are 14 tracks engineered to mirror the frequencies of, and ultimately mask out, familiar nighttime noise sources that can adversely affect sleep: footsteps, snoring, and even idling vehicle engines.

There are also 15 "Naturescape" tracks, sounds that mimic peaceful and natural environments, to help reduce stress levels before sleep.

Bose Heard The Fans, Loud and Clear

The release of the new-generation Sleepbuds is Bose's response to the "loyal users who, for the first time, enjoyed a good night's sleep and have waited for our return," according to the brand's "behind the scenes" feature on their new product.

First released in 2018, the Sleepbuds became a hit with its revolutionary tech that drowns the noise from various sources. However, by October 2019, Bose announced that they would be discontinuing the original Sleepbuds, citing negative experiences from other users.

The original Sleepbuds encountered reports of inconsistent and failing battery life, failure to charge up to 100 percent, and instances of random shutdowns.

Attempting to control the problem with software and firmware hotfixes and patches but to no avail. After further studies and increasing reports on the product, Bose identified the battery as the main problem.

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With the new batteries - "long-lasting, lightweight, and tiny" - having enough juice to last an entire night's operation, Bose utilized a more reliable battery, which it said was similar to those used in hearing aids.

Even after resolving the issue that plagued the original Sleepbuds, Bose reportedly poured research and engineering efforts to balance function, form, and comfort with the Sleepbuds II.

Designers maintained consideration for shape and design that works with the new battery, stressing that "even the smallest sliver of a millimeter increase could throw off the balance between comfort and performance."