New data show that an average American needs to work for only 6.1 days to purchase Apple iPhone 12.

According to the research, Americans are putting on one of the smallest figures to grind with the latest Apple smartphone.

Statistics also unveiled the new income reports and figures on an ordinary American employed in the nation. The latest data indicate that incomes are marginally smaller relative to last year.

However, the data noted that the average American income for 2020 deteriorated by 0.3 days during this pandemic.

(Photo: Apple Inc./Handout via REUTERS)
Apple's iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are seen in an illustration released in Cupertino, California, U.S. October 13, 2020.

iPhone Index: iPhone 12 in Typical American Pay for Just 6.1 Days

According to Picodi, a typical American can save up for a new Apple smartphone in less than a week. That's around just 6.1 days in terms of numbers. For the gross sum of $44,568.21 after-tax or the net amount, the country's people's total annual income is $53,490.

Recently, the coupons and technology firm used the latest Apple iPhone 12 as a scale for the typical American income, demonstrating that the nation's people are among the low margin.

Under the iPhone Measure, America's monthly income fell by a fraction of 0.3 days relative to last year. In 2019, Americans needed 5.8 days to afford iPhone 11

In May 2019, the figures were based on a survey by the US Department of Labor, indicating how much the typical American earns from a year's job.

Prices for iPhone 12: iPhone Index from Picodi Will Award iPhone 12 for only 6.1 days

Grinding oneself on the job potentially removes money from workers' benefits and staff compensation. Statistics from only measure five days of work a week, culminating in 21 days of work in a calendar month. The consequence, though, is just the US Department of Labor's figures, which does not extend to any of them.

The calculation is a reliable measure of the income of an ordinary American across all the nation's labor sectors. The Labour Data collected everything from the banking industries to hospital employees and those in the grocery business to assess Americans' overall wages.

Prices for Apple's iPhone 12 are as follows:

  • iPhone 12 Mini - Starting at $699 (64 GB)
  • iPhone 12 - Starts at $799 (64 GB)
  • iPhone 12 Pro - Starts at $1,099 (128 GB)
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max - Starts at $1.199 (64 GB)

With a starting price of $1,088 to $1,099 for the US segment, focused on the iPhone 12 Pro for the iPhone Index 2020. This already includes storage of 128 GB without the necessary accessories in the package. The figures indicate just one full week of work, an additional half-day of work, and a mere one (0.1) point for the next day.

How many days would the iPhone 12 require to operate in other countries?

Global nationalities have distinct incomes on the other spectrum of the statistics that enable one to save up and purchase an iPhone 12

Switzerland, the US, and Australia are among the top three to work the least on a new Apple smartphone.

Switzerland only has 4.4 days while the UK takes 11.8 days of work. Canadians, meanwhile, have to work 8.2 days to get iPhone 12 Pro.

India, Mexico, and Russia are the top three nations that ought to work the longest on an iPhone 12. India and Mexico for 54.4 average working days, while Russia with 47.5 days.

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