Holidays are coming, and some families or friends might be thinking of taking their own car for a road trip to their holiday destination, especially since air travels are limited and it might be safer to travel by land than by air these days.

The reality of pandemic is scary as the country might be going for the worst phase yet as it records high numbers of new positive cases. It has created panic among people, which creates a domino effect on businesses and social events.

For those who still want to spend their holidays with their families, it would be best to know what things to prepare to be smart and safe these holidays, according to Business Insider. This time, hand sanitizers are an essential weapon against bacteria and viruses, so anyone who wishes to travel must always have it.

So here is a checklist for everything that a traveler needs to remember while having a road trip this time of the pandemic to limit their chances of contracting and spreading the coronavirus.

Discuss Road Trip Plans With Family

According to Wired, the first step is to discuss your plans to visit your family. Talk to them if they actually want you to come home or if it is really necessary. You might have family members who are at risk of contracting the virus, and visiting them would increase their likelihood of becoming infected.

Prepare a plan for what you will do before visiting them and ask for their opinion. Are both parties going to quarantine or take swab tests? If everyone agrees to your plan of visiting them, then it is time for the second step.

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Check the Car Before Starting Your Road Trip

Sometimes mechanical breakdowns might happen. But a mechanical breakdown in the middle of the desert in a time of the pandemic sounds like a horror movie, so better to check and prepare your car for the road trip.

Remember the BLOWBAGETS, which stands for battery, lights, oil, water, brakes, air, gas, engine, tire, and most especially self. These ten things will save you from getting stuck along the road due to a car breakdown.

Whether it is an owned or rented car, make sure to sanitize it to kill any pathogens that might be present, especially those high-touch areas like the door handles, dashboard, and steering wheel. You can also travel with style by using Limo Find

Pack Only Necessary Things

Always pack smartly whenever traveling. Do not bring unnecessary things that might make the space in your car crowded as you are also trying to practice social distancing. Use roof boxes to boost your car's volume space and to avoid overcrowding. Also, do not forget to pack sanitizing spray and wipes, hand sanitizers as this is a must nowadays.

Since you might venture to a cellphone dead zone during your travel, it would be best to download your maps beforehand to be still available even when you are offline. To do this, go to Google Maps, then search for the place of interest and click the place at the bottom, and then an option to download will appear. Lastly, drag a window to customize the area you are capturing.

Pack your charger and an extra battery in case of an emergency and a paper map if the map's downloaded form is not available.

Sanitize Your Place of Overnight Accommodations

Book a safe place to stay in, especially with the cold weather. The AAA has provided a route-planning tool and a map of COVID-19 travel restrictions, so you might want to avoid those places and wear your masks.

Although hotels and accommodations have upped their cleaning game, it would still be better to make sure that the place you are staying in is well-sanitized by wiping surfaces. These hotels would also require their guests to practice social distancing and wear masks.

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