How Michael Friend Has Been Scaling to Great Heights Within the Beauty Tool Industry
(Photo : How Michael Friend Has Been Scaling to Great Heights Within the Beauty Tool Industry)

No matter what someone's age or gender is, skincare is an essential aspect of one's daily life. There are countless problems out there that people face, whether it be skin that's too dry or oily, discoloration, or roughness. Each of these issues has a solution, though many of those are unaffordable or simply not available to the everyday person.

This was something that Michael Friend noticed, and it inspired him to begin his own beauty tool brands. With business partners Lewis Hendler and Lila Friend, he created the businesses Michael Todd Beauty and Spa Sciences, both of which offer products to enhance customers' skincare routines.

The goal of each company is to offer spa-like results in the comfort of one's own home. Michael realizes that not everyone has the time or money for weekly trips to the spa for skincare treatments, so he's opted to create a line of products that keep everyone's skin looking smooth, clear, and glowing.

To scale his companies, Michael put together a team of reliable individuals to help him. On top of some family members, he's hired people who are hardworking, kind, dependable, and like-minded. A business is only as strong as the people who run it, so don't skimp on good help. Michael made that mistake in the past, which resulted in ruined product launches and failed projects.

Despite those hardships and bumps in the road, Spa Sciences and Michael Todd Beauty are thriving, with the former even earning the attention of actress and activist Eva Longoria. Michael's companies are no strangers to attention, and since their launches, it's been one success after the other.

Each product listed on has over four stars, with over half even earning five. The hundreds of reviews each product gets show just how much customers are loving the affordable but extremely effective results they're seeing after as little as one week of use. Other companies only care about making money, but Michael is more focused on the end results.

One of Spa Sciences' best-selling products is the NOVA, a waterproof and rechargeable facial cleansing brush that employs sonic technology to get deeper into one's pores. As opposed to spinning, which can pull and harm the skin, the NOVA brush offers a softer and gentler vibration, something not many companies are focusing on.

Innovative technology like that is what Spa Sciences and Michael Todd Beauty are all about, and their products show it. The creativity and out-of-the-box thinking shown by Michael and his team are an inspiration for the future of the beauty and skincare industries, and the future is sure to be promising.

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