How to Maximize the Potential of Small Retail Spaces without Breaking the Bank
(Photo : How to Maximize the Potential of Small Retail Spaces without Breaking the Bank)

Going into business requires capital investment. When you are in the process of opening your very own small retail shop, when the time to actually open the store arrives,  most small business owners just do not have the blunt left to splurge on expensive interior décor, be it furniture, ambiance lighting, decorations or even fancy storage solutions. Yet the interior of any shop is one of the most vital components that establish the feel of a new place and lure first time shoppers in the front door. 

Here are some simple and affordable ways you can maximize the potential of your small retail space without breaking the bank:

1. Create a feature wall.

Paint one wall of your shop, ideally the one behind the till, in a bright, bold colour. This will not only jazz up the space, but it is a cheap DIY way to make your space look much larger and considerably fancier.  A wall painted in a bold colour creates an optical illusion where the wall in question seems to recede backwards. A similar effect can also be achieved by using bright colourful wallpaper or fabric on one of the walls. Just ensure that the textures or patterns you choose do not clash and are not too loud or discordant with the rest of your theme. 

2. Light up your space in expedient and different ways.

Lighting is crucial in any space, and this is especially true in a retail shop. Make the shop a small one and the right lighting becomes even more critical. Even if there is a tiny niche in your store that does not have adequate lighting, it is wasted space in terms of square footage. It is recommended that you employ a combination of lights to illuminate your space. A creative combination of different lamps, shop lights, sconces, and tube and picture lights will add variety and flair to your space all the while ensuring that it is aesthetically lit. Consider going for layers of light, you can find many shop light options at, so be sure to check out what your options are before picking the right selection of options for your space. 

3. Avoid excessive clutter.

When you are trying to decorate a small space, it is very easy to have the place look cluttered. You can make it look more elegant by giving it some space. You should make it a point not to overstock the shelves or crowd the stock too closely together. Also avoid stocking contrasting colour merchandise together. For soft furnishing and design elements you should choose neutral colours, such as pale pastels, ivory and grey, especially for larger items. Choose instead to add accents and pops of colour with small bright items on the shelves. 

4. Look for alternate shelving options

Look for ways to make the most of your wall space by creative shelving. Good shelving ideas are an effective way to maximize the potential of the available wall space. There are many creative and space saving ways you can flaunt your products. Think of out of the box, inspired ideas, or search for them on Pinterest, like displaying jewellery on a corkboard surrounded by a large antique frame instead of a stand. 

5. Use open shelves as dividers. 

You can create separate sections and nooks in your store by sectioning off spaces in your small retail store with tall, open shelves. Open shelves that are open on both sides make an excellent divider that can create a partition and display products without closing up the place. 

The struggle is real, especially for shops with limited floor space. No matter what your merchandise, it is tough to figure out how to place your product and display it to the best advantage while maintaining the charm of the place. To make the most of a small retail shop you have to be strategic about how the space is designed. The layout should make the best use of the space available and organize your merchandise effectively. Professional design solutions can be expensive, so choose wisely and hunt for bargains, up-cycle old or found items, or transform lost treasures with some creative DIY.