Did You Ever Think About Ways To Dispose Your Old Mattress?
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As the demand for new, high-quality mattresses is rising due to changing needs based on sleeping patterns, the number of disposals of old mattresses is also rising in equal proportion. In the USA, almost 20 million mattresses are disposed of every year.

Therefore, several laws and regulations have come into force as authorities are concerned about environment protection as there is a lot of pressure placed in recycling such old mattresses. There is also an increase in several organizations who are involved in transforming the materials of used mattresses into certain useful products. However, the rate at which the mattresses are getting scrapped is increasing and so the recycling centers are finding it hard to keep up with the equivalent rate of recycling them.

Why is mattress dumping increasing?

The dumping of old mattresses has been an issue in the USA for a pretty long time. The rise of purchase of new mattresses has also added more fuel to this issue. Most of the junkyards and landfills do not want to accept this item due to its size and weight. Most of the traditional mattresses cannot be crushed and as a result, the machinery used for crushing gets jammed. Thus, old mattresses are not only a nuisance at home but also for junkyards.

Some of the unscrupulous parties have started taking advantage of such situations and they are taking these mattresses and putting a new cover on them and selling them to gullible buyers at retail price.

What are the choices available to best mattress users now? They can either donate these old mattresses to any charity organization who may accept them for reuse by poor people. They also recycle such old mattresses to create certain other new products.

However, people still prefer to leave the mattresses to any junkyard rather than donating them to a charitable organization. That is because donating mattresses to charitable organizations is not too simple like donating any old books or used clothes. There are a number of conditions that you have to satisfy while donating your old used mattresses.

Following are few places where you can choose to donate your old used mattresses:

●       Furniture Bank Network

This association is active in many locations of the country. They will pick up used mattresses within 15 to 20 miles radius from their location. You can call them and let them know your locality and they will pick up your mattress without any charges.

●       Goodwill

This is another well known charity organization in the USA and has a number of stores all across the country. They do not accept used mattresses however they accept many other bedding parts which they utilize for different programs.

●       Salvation Army

This is a very old organization and working since 1860 and they have their shops in every state of the country. This organization no longer accepts mattresses at many locations, but will accept bedding items.

●       Habitat for Humanity

This is another non-profit organization who tries to provide affordable living conditions to people all around the world. They sell the used items that may be used for furniture to bedding items. They will also accept the old mattress provided it is in usable condition.  You may either drop your stuff at their stores or ask them to pick up from your location. However, they will come for pick up only if the mattresses are in good, usable condition.

Besides these, there are a number of local organizations that accept donations of old mattresses. Each of them have their own regulations and conditions that you need to satisfy.

You can also find out any needy family and donate to them, which can be an easier option. There are few shelter houses for poor women and families that may also accept your old mattress.

Few laws that you must know

The first state that formulated the law for mattress stewardship in 2013 was Connecticut.  After that many other states followed it. Because of this law the use of hygienic fiber components was standardized. The aim of this law was to reduce the scrapping of mattresses.

As per this law, you cannot dump your old mattresses in any empty plot or landfills. The bedding that has been defined under this law is the item that can be silk or other natural material that provides comfort while you sleep. This also includes recycled and other mattresses that people buy from retail shops. The law also defines correct procedure to dispose of a bedding material.

If any company is engaged in recycling of old mattresses then they should report their utilization and the goal.

Consider taking your old mattress to any recycling center

You will be surprised to know that 90 percent of the old used mattresses can be converted into reusable if it reaches the right people. Therefore, while disposing off your old mattresses you must try to search such recycling companies who accept such used mattresses.

Many of these recycling companies may also refuse to take your old mattress. Therefore, you need to do a Google search to find such a recycling company near to your current location.

Though you deserve certain compensation or appreciation for offering your belongings however, while donating your mattresses to such an organization you have to pay them for recycling service. If you drop your mattress at their location then you may have to pay anything from $10 to $20.

However, if you want their pick-up service then you have to pay a much higher amount. Also, such organizations will refuse to lift your mattress if there is any stain, tears or presence of bed bugs.

These recycling companies will recycle all the parts of the mattress including the spring or any wooden parts attached to it. It is almost impossible to recycle these mattresses all by yourself.

You can also read many blogs that appear on the website Newsweek where you can get various information regarding disposal of different bedding items, too.

How can you successfully dump your mattress?

There may be certain situations where your mattress is in totally unusable condition or has got plenty of stains, tears and broken springs and a number of lumps. In such conditions nobody will accept your donation.

There are few companies responsible for junk removal, who may also provide door to door services. Due to recent introduction of laws these companies will verify your mattress and check whether it is suitable for sending to any junk yard. You can follow the following steps to accelerate your process.

●       You can check the warranty conditions of your mattress. Some companies also offer buy back or disposal services too.

●       It is essential that you find out the weight of the mattress before you approach the junk removal services as they will charge you based on its weight.

●        Before sending your old mattress to any of the junk removal services, you must be aware about their pick-up charges and all other conditions. Most of the things are usually not mentioned clearly on their website and hence you must call them to find every detail.

It is not easy to break down the mattress for any other use as you must know how to do it and also be aware of environmental effects due to your action. Your mattress may or may not contain biodegradable items.

What is the correct process to dispose of a mattress?

Depending upon the condition of your mattress you must consider whether to junk it or continue to use. If it is indeed not usable then refrain from dumping it on garbage trucks or on the road. It is against the law. You must find out the recycling and disposal law of your state. This will save you from a number of hassles and your money too.

Also, you need to follow these steps:

●       If the old mattress does not have any buy-back or pick-up service then while buying a new one you must find out whether they will take back your old mattress for recycling. Most of them are aware about correct methods of disposal of the old mattresses.

●       Check whether your car can accommodate your old mattress so that you can carry it to the nearest recycling center without violating traffic rules.

●       You must find out the cost of disposal as it varies from place to place.