7 Strategic Initiatives Your Business Should Be Practicing
(Photo : 7 Strategic Initiatives Your Business Should Be Practicing)

Strategic initiatives are an excellent way to help your business succeed when it comes to digital marketing. They allow you to figure out what actions your business needs to take if it wants to overcome various problems. With this in mind, you can use these seven strategic initiatives to help your business act rather than wait.

Request Customer Reviews

You can always start by encouraging your customers to leave reviews about your business. This way, when people look up those reviews, they will see what others think about your business, which can lead to more customers. You can encourage your customers by sending them emails that ask them to leave reviews on their previously purchased products.

Even the negative customer reviews can help your business. For example, if multiple people point out something wrong with your business or products, then you should address those problems. This will help you improve your business, which may allow you to make your customers content with your services after you make some positive changes.

Collect Data Consistently

To go off the previous point, your business will know what it needs to do as it successfully collects more information. This makes data collection a great way to figure out how your business can change itself. Once you collect the data, you can start to use various strategies like data governance to make some improvements.

Data governance allows you to improve your business in various ways, such as your sales, management data and even your production, which is shown in the link. As you collect this information, you can see how your business performs over a period of time, making it clear where you start to improve or fall short.

Due to this, if you want to continue getting useful information, you will need to consistently collect data.

Check Out Automated Options

Using your strategic initiatives can also involve automating different parts of your business. After all, if your employees have to do some work manually, then they will use up time working on those parts rather than more important tasks. By automating parts of your business, you can make things easier for your workers while saving some money and time.

However, what you should automate will depend on your business and where you want to save time. Due to this, you will need to discuss your automation options to determine which ones you should incorporate into your business. This will also include continuous research to help you find the best options and new automated tools that could arise.

Look Into Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns are another excellent way for you to find more customers. Due to this, your strategic initiatives should take advantage of social media by creating campaigns. Whether you send out emails about a new product, make consistent posts on your social media accounts or post social media ads, you have multiple options available.

Just like with automation, you will need to do your research to see which approach will work the best for your company. For example, if you your customers tend to use Facebook, then you should focus your social media campaigns on that channel. This will help your business maximize on the time and money it puts into those campaigns.

Use Communication Funnels

Remember that you will also need to utilize strategic initiatives to make things easier among your workers. You can do so by creating communication funnels to help your teams effectively communicate with each other. These funnels will focus on making communication easier by ensuring everyone who needs to know certain information finds out.

A communication funnel involves team members talking to their leaders who then talk with other leaders to spread the information. This way, the leaders will understand what's going on, and they can send information and inform team members as needed. It also focuses on making the communication process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Improve Within the Company

Going off the last section, you can also focus on initiatives that improve the company from within. As explained in the link, this will involve making changes to the workplace, culture and even in the way you create strategies. Doing so will help you improve the structure, so you can then address what your customers need from you.

For example, improving the culture will help your employees feel happier and more motivated, which can lead to better efficiency. Check where your business slows down within itself to see what changes you can make to it. Since this will vary depending on your company, you need to look into it and identify where your business can change itself.

Discuss and Evolve

Remember that strategic initiatives aren't something you do once and finish. Instead, you need to constantly work on and evolve them if you want to get the best results available. Otherwise, you will continue to do the same things, even if your customers change. This could then lead to your business slowing down and losing traction with time.

This means your business should create an initiative focused on improving its initiatives. At determined intervals, you should come together and see which strategies are working. From here, you can continue to work on those strategies and improve the ones that fall short. 

This, in turn, will help you constantly improve and work on your various strategies to make them more effective overall.


Initiatives are one of the best ways your business can take action and make improvements. Sure, knowing what can help your business is always great, but you still need to act on that information. Feel free to check out any of these initiatives and practice them in your business to help it grow, expand and succeed.