March has already ended, and April is just beginning. While it seems that the continuing passage of time feels daunting, there is still something to look forward to as it is also a whole new month of weird events in the sky.

Since it can hard to track all these cosmological events, here is a compilation of a few of them that you must see this month from Fatherly. So when you head outside, look to the sky and see these must-see sky moments.

 April 2021 Stargazing: Don't Miss These Weird Sky Stuff This Month!
(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
April 2021 Stargazing: Don't Miss These Weird Sky Stuff This Month!

April 2021 Sky Events

The first major sky event this month will happen this Sunday on April 4, when Asteroid 9 Metis, the large remnant of a very old asteroid collision, will be at opposition.

In-The-Sky.Org reported that the asteroid would be placed lying in constellation Cetus, which is well above the horizon for much of Sunday night. No matter what location is, 9 Metis will reach its highest peak at around midnight.

Then just two days later, in the early hours of April 6 on Tuesday, the Saturn will be more visible as it will be in conjunction with the Moon. Both will appear close together and will give the planet an increased brightness, according to EarthSky. Then on April 8, the Moon will be in conjunction with Jupiter.

According to Fatherly, the Lyrid Meteor Shower, the oldest known meteor showers, will be expected between April 9 to 21 but will reach its peak on the night of April 21 and into the morning hours of April 22. It is considered one of the most unpredictable and weakest meteor showers, but with proper planning, anyone should be able to see its beauty.

Then lastly, the Pink Moon will appear in the night sky of April 26. This is the name given to the full moon of April that must not be missed. It is estimated that the Pink Moon will reach its peak at 11:33 pm EST, Almanac reported.

So how can people see these must-watch sky events?

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How to See April 2021's Sky Events

There will be a lot happening in the skies this April. Here is how to have the best chance to see the meteor shower when it is at its most awesome view.

For the Asteroid 9 Metis, the sun will make it brighter and more visible in the night sky. Using a telescope will give the best view of the asteroid on the night of April 4 that can be seen in the constellation Virgo.

Meanwhile, both during the conjunctions of the moon to Saturn and Jupiter, which are just a few days apart, those who want to see it should wake up early or (stay up all night) to get the best view of the conjunctions.

According to Fatherly, the peak hours for viewing the Lyrid meteor shower are between midnight and dawn on April 21 and 22, as the darkness will make the shooting stars bright at the night sky.

No special tools or equipment is needed but only a comfortable spot away from too much light pollution. The Lyrid meteor showers are also visible in the northern and southern hemispheres.

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