Rapper Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas announced on Tuesday a partnership with Honeywell to make a high-tech facemask, which he calls Xupermask that will come in two versions. The music icon said the mask offers a combination of superb protection, chic design, and exceptional usability.

The mask goes on sale on Wednesday.

The musician-tech entrepreneur said Xupermask could be the "Air Jordan" of facemasks.

Xupermask Seen as the "Air Jordan" of Face Masks

In a CNBC interview, Will.i.am said that as the Air Jordan shoe has been hailed as iconic in athletic gear, it has been a cultural phenomenon as well. This he sees in Xupermask.

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The mask, a CNN report said, features Bluetooth connectivity, LED day glow lights, noise-canceling audio and microphone, seven-hour battery life, and a magnetic earbud docking system. It also offers adjustable straps.

Will.i.am's Xupermask
(Photo: Honeywell)

"We've long past looked at shoes as protective gear, but they're just cultural items that we go out and buy," Will.i.am emphasized. "The mask should have the same type of attention to detail, love, and care to where you're not compromising aesthetics for keeping yourself and other people safe."

Xupermask Comes with Air Filters, Bluetooth Connectivity, and More!

Xupermask would also make breathing easier, with Honeywell supplying high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters.

The mask comes with a distinctively patented filter design that gives optimal filtration without forgoing usability and fashion. Its silicone head seal, elastic strap, and two-size options would show its availability for various head shapes, according to a CNET report.

The Xupermask costs $299, with Will.i.am emphasizing the mask is worth the price due to its functionalities and fashionability. In addition to the LED lights and noise-canceling features, the mask offers three-speed fans that aim to address concerns about masks being uncomfortable.

Crafted by Elon Musk's Spacesuit Designer

The mask, the Black Eyed Peas founding member said, has a "futuristic sci-fi film" inspiration. Artist Jose Fernandez, who created designs for the masks of Spiderman, Tron, and Black Panther, designed the mask. Fernandez also designed Elon Musk's space suits and costumes for the disbanded music duo Daft Punk.

People would continue to wear masks, even if the pandemic is over, Will.i.am further stressed, adding that the Xupermask's functionality makes it an attractive option.

Coming off a successful music career, Will.i.am ventured into tech firms, investing in Beat Electronics and Tesla while assuming a role as director of innovation at Intel. He set up i.am+ to manufacture and market wearable products that have since acquired products from companies such as the smart home tech provider Wink and machine learning startup Sensiya.

His new offering comes as the US lifted restrictions on mandatory mask-wearing due to the continuing increase in COVID-19 vaccinations in the country. Experts, however, said people won't be ditching their masks anytime soon.

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