Earlier this month, doctors in India reported that black fungus is infecting COVID-19 patients. A few weeks later, another epidemic is spreading and infecting some people, which is known as the white fungus.

Cases of white fungus infection have been reported in Patna and Bahir. Dr. Arunesh Kumar, a senior consultant & head respiratory medicine/pulmonology specialist in Paras Hospital told Indian Express that this fungus is more dangerous than the black fungus.

Covid-19 Disaster Reaches Deep Into Indian Towns And Villages
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An Indian doctor treats a patient suspected to be suffering from the coronavirus in the emergency ward at the BDM Government Hospital, which is currently treating 50 coronavirus cases across three wards designated for covid patients, on May 15, 2021, in Kotputli, Jaipur District, Rajasthan, India. India's prolonged and devastating wave of Covid-19 infections has gripped cities and overwhelmed urban health resources, but it has also reached deep into rural India, where the true extent of the devastation is unknown because of the lack of widespread testing or reliable data. (Photo by Rebecca Conway/Getty Images)

What Is White Fungus?

Previously, Science Times reported about the deadly black fungus called mucormycosis that attacks the sinuses and lungs and may lead to vision loss in some cases and could maim some patients. There are even patients who lost their upper jaws and eyes after contracting the fungus.

Now, various news media reports that white fungus is infecting COVID-19 patients in India. The Hindustan Times reported that white fungus is suspected to be more dangerous than black fungus by health experts as it not only affects the lungs but as well as other parts of the body, like the skin, stomach, kidney, brain, private parts, and mouth.

Interestingly, the patients that are said to be infected with the white fungus are showing COVID-like symptoms but are otherwise tested negative from the coronavirus. However, the news outlet reported that there has not been too much evidence of the white fungus spreading outside of Bahir.

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Who is at Risk of White Fungus Infection?

As far as experts know, the white fungus could affect the function of the body compared to the black fungus that mainly attacks the sinus and lungs.

Dr. Kumar said that white fungus infection is due to low immunity or if people have come into contact with objects that may have been infected with the fungus, such as water, India Express, reported. Dr. Kumar advises that sanitation is important to avoid being infected. He added that the infection could be diagnosed through CT scans or X-rays.

 People with pre-existing conditions like diabetes and those who use steroids are also at risk of catching white fungus, as well as those patients who are on high oxygen support, according to India Express.

How to Avoid White Fungus?

As Dr. Kumar said, sanitation is very important to avoid white fungus infection. According to MSN, the public should continue to follow health protocols set by the health experts.

He further emphasized the sanitation of the place and cleaning supplies, and where environment where molds could be directly inhaled by a suspected patient to prevent getting infected by the dangerous mold.

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