Around two months ago, reported that a US military space plane is being tested to gather space solar power from the Sun while flying on Earth's orbit.

The classified mission of the X-37B robotic space plane of the US Space Force flew past 300 days in Earth's orbit that is said to carry the research Photovoltaic Radio-frequency Antenna Module Flight Experiment (PRAM-FX) that investigates transforming solar energy and convert it into RF power.

That being said, the US Air Force also announced its plan on harvesting the space solar power that will hopefully solve the ever-increasing demands on electricity of humans.

 Space Solar Power Could Revolutionize Energy As US Air Force Plans To Harvest This Unlimited Source
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Solar Power Satellite: This is what an artist envisioned the Solar Power Satellite would look like. Shown is the assembly of a microwave transmission antenna. The solar power satellite was to be located in a geosynchronous orbit, 35,786 kilometers (22,236 miles) above the Earth's surface.

Harvesting the Unlimited Space Solar Power from the Sun

Tech Story reported that The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) of the US Air Force is trying to solve the ever-increasing energy demands of humans by harvesting space solar power from its unlimited source: the Sun.

It was reported that they plan to develop and build a space-based solar power grid. They hope to send the solar power grid to space to harvest the unlimited source of space solar power and beam it on Earth.

If this plan is successful, it would give the US military a great advantage on the battlefield and an unlimited source of energy that will most likely revolutionize how humans use electricity and energy.

The project, which is called the Space Solar Power Incremental Demonstrations and Research Project (SSPIDR), will allow solar energy to be harvested and beamed back to the planet via an outpost, regardless of the climate, latitude, longitude, time, and other external factors.

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Unlimited Space Solar Power Could Revolutionize Military Operations

Presently, the air force and military forces of the United States receive necessary resources via a supply line and convoys that are sent to their remote locations, which poses the highest risk of attack.

"Ensuring that a forward operating base maintains reliable power is one of the most dangerous parts of military ground operations. Convoys and supply lines are a major target for adversaries," states the narrator of a new AFRL video about SSPIDR.

Since the option for a source of energy and power on the planet is limited, they thought of harvesting the space solar power as a solution. But it is an extremely technical and difficult way to get solar energy from space and beam it back to the Earth.

Nonetheless, the project sounds pretty impressive, and the practical implications of the project if ever it succeeds will revolutionize human life on Earth.

Instead of the limited power source available on the planet, solar energy could solve that as it can be transformed or converted into electrical energy and provide humanity an unlimited power source.

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