Smiles are contagious, and like many, you may want to put a shine back on yours. Luckily, with advancements in dentistry, there are numerous ways to shine your teeth that are effective and harmless to your health.

Teeth whitening gels are proven to be effective in whitening your teeth without damaging your gums or more. It's harmless and effective, but the best part is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Luelli Teeth Whitening Kit

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When it comes to trusted and safe teeth whitening gels, Luelli answered the call for market demand in oral care. Established and launched in 2020 in the USA, Luelli's products have a long research timeline during product development and aims to revolutionize products to work at top performance while maintaining a reasonable price.

The Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Accelerator Lights brings you top-notch oral care treatment at the comforts of your home. Containing 35% carbamide peroxide that is sure to put the shine back in your smile. The kit comes with a blue LED accelerator light that enhances the gel's performances and guarantees instant results event after the first use.

Luelli recommends that treatment sessions only last for 10-30 minutes, with sessions ranging from 7-10 consecutive days. It should not be used for more than 14 consecutive days per treatment cycle. Whitening treatments should have a 2-4 week interval before the next cycle.

Everything you'll ever need for whiter, shinier teeth is included in Luelli's Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Accelerator Lights; the best part is that you can easily buy the Teeth Whitening Gel Syringe Refill Pack to ensure continued whitening treatments with the recommended intervals.

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How to Use Teeth Whitening Gel?

Teeth whitening gels include bleaching ingredients that are safe and harmless for most teeth. The best teeth whitening gel often contains hydrogen peroxide and other ingredients that improve the performance and flavor of the whitening gel.

Whitening gels may vary on their content and efficacy rate, but almost all variants have similar step-by-step applications. To use a teeth whitening gel, apply 0.5 ml of the gel on the upper and bottom sides of your teeth. In every use, you should have applied 1 ml per treatment. Teeth whitening gels usually have a maximum of 9 uses per kit, but you can buy a refill pack at the designated retail store of your preferred seller or your local drugstore.

The kit includes a desensitizing gel that is designed to help with tooth sensitivity. If you are prone to tooth and gum sensitivity, it is vital to use the blue gel after the desensitizing gel treatment. Apply the blue gel on the included mouth tray and place the mouth train in your mouth. Leave the treatment in for 2-15 minutes before rinsing your teeth. It is important to note that at this step, there is no need to use the led light.

Why wait for expensive teeth whitening procedures that cause unnecessary stress when you can use Luelli's Teeth Whitening Kit at home with ease.

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