Dentists these days have been commonly using ultraviolet or UV light to enhance and fast-track the whitening process in their patients' teeth for years, but now, many studies show the safety risks of UV radiation that resulted in the availability of the best teeth whitening kit with light which is safer to use.

An OGLF article said this teeth-whitening product that uses safe wavelengths of light is typically available for home use as a portion of the treatment cost charged by the dentist.

According to a Tech Life Media report, teeth whitening kits are usually available with a tray or mouthpiece that fits into the mouth of the user.

It has an electric bleaching agent that reacts along with the teeth and dissolves the enamel. Following the reaction, the bleaching agent then starts taking out the strains on the teeth, after which the teeth turn much whiter.

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Science Times - Best Teeth Whitening Kit With Light That You Can Use At Home
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White teeth are a sign of a person to others that he is taking care of himself and caring about his physical appearance.

Luelli Teeth Whitening Kit

If you're one of the many who long for shiny white teeth, would want a cheap teeth whitening kit, the Luelli Teeth Whitening Kit is a perfect must-have.

Just like any teeth whitening kit, this one is conducted at home, and you can own the set at a price you can surely afford.

With only $39.99 to spend, this kit comes with 35-percent carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel, and a blue LED accelerator light that provides instant results. Not only that! The Luelli Teeth Whitening Kit is also safe and easy to use.

Since this product is safe to use, you can perform a single or two more sessions according to your teeth whitening needs. Each treatment automatically ends in 10 minutes. And after each treatment, be sure to brush your teeth.

Desensitizing Gel for Tooth Sensitivity

If you have sensitive teeth, you don't need to worry about using one of the best teeth whitening kits, as the desensitizing gel that comes with the set is formulated to help with tooth sensitivity. Say you're experiencing tooth sensitivity, it is recommended that you use this blue gel following treatment.

You can apply the gel to the mouth tray. Then, put the latter-mentioned into your mouth, leave it for roughly 15 to 20 minutes, and rinse your teeth. In this particular step, there's no need to use the LED light.

Why Do You Need a Teeth Whitening Kit? 

An article posted on the Dental Associates blog site said that according to a national survey that the American Academy of Cosmetic Industry conducted, about 96 percent of adults believe that an attractive smile makes a person more attractive to the opposite gender.

Seventy-four percent of adults, on the other hand, believe an unattractive smile can hurt the chances of an individual succeeding in their career.

Therefore, the survey also concludes, having a clean, straight smile that a person feels confident about boasts both his social and career opportunities. Also, according to the said website, there are benefits of teeth whitening.

One of such benefits is that it boosts one's self-confidence. White teeth are a sign of a person to others that he is taking care of himself, not to mention caring about his physical appearance.

Related information about Luelli Teeth Whitening Kit is shown on Luelli's YouTube video below:

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