Cats have a mood that is difficult to read. They are also good at hiding their emotions when they experience irritation or pain, but today, cat-owners don't have to worry anymore about their pet's feelings, as an AI-powered app was already invented to read their sentiments by using the camera.

How Happy is Your Cat?

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Knowing what's best for the cat in different moods can be challenging. Taking care of the emotional needs of a cat is significantly harder compared to dogs, especially because felines are not that expressive. However, the team from Sylvester.AI aims to change what pet owners experience as they complement their furry friends. According to a report by Today Online, the developers have constructed an app that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to determine a cat's mood, including whether it is happy, sad, or in pain.

Felines are among the group of animals that are not interested in showing what they feel, and this makes any signs of discomfort, irritation, and aches difficult for fur-parents to notice. The cat's subtle traits are also a risk to impending conditions and illness, making them difficult to assess and causes any required treatments to be delayed or missed. But contrary to popular belief, cats actually have their own unique behavior that they use to react or give reference to what they feel at the moment.

Cats act in a minimal manner towards other animals, humans, and even themselves. They don't give any hints or signals when they are in an uncomfortable situation, and even if they have their own body language, it is still hard for pet owners to discern. The difficulty in reading the cat's emotions is not new, as cat parents have actually tried to distinguish their pet's reactions. Although the veterinary experts and a few fur-parents know how to acknowledge their cat's behaviours, it can be very tricky and takes a lot of time to perfect.

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Sylvester.AI Tably App: Easy Cat Assessment Beta Version Available for Vet Experts and Fur-Parents

Sylvester.AI developers claim that their app has the ability to examine a cat using their image and relay potential conditions that are usually manifesting in felines, including respiratory infections and skin illness. Through a smartphone's camera, the Sylvester.AI app attempts to provide answers that cat owners are looking for.

Sylvester.AI created the Tably app, which requires just a few efforts to know what a cat is experiencing. The Tably app works by simply taking an image of a cat. Right after processing the feline image, Tably app will assess any available behavioral movements and body language based on specialized criteria.

The Tably cat assessment app uses AI-powered Remote Patient Monitoring technology and the Feline Grimace Scale algorithm that can measure the happiness the cat feels and enumerate medical assistance when needed. Sylvester.AI's Tably app is currently in beta version, but interested veterinary experts and cat owners can test it today.

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