In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare workers are taking the brunt of the workload, keeping people alive and the system running. Thus, tech startup Olive unveils its AI coworker to help in the uphill battle.

To minimize workflow disruptions in one of the most critical working environments, Olive announced the general release of "Olive Helps," an artificial intelligence (AI) coworker expected to boost the speed, quality, and overall impact delivered by hardworking healthcare workers.

The cybernetic application harnesses the intelligence of the entire healthcare community thus far, with Olive Helps to compile them into a single platform. Its accessibility and speed aim to narrow down, if not entirely close, the gap between wisdom and hands-on work for healthcare workers on the ground.

Olive, The Tech Startup That Developed an AI Coworker for the Healthcare System
(Photo: Olive)

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The First True Platform for Healthcare

One of the challenges in healthcare is the use of different, often separate, technology systems. It requires workers mastery over them, as well as the constant need to shift between them depending on the task at hand. This situation floods them with information and workflow disruptions. With Olive Helps, the AI coworker provides necessary information in real-time, empowering healthcare workers to focus more on doing their work.

Olive aims to create the first true healthcare platform for workers, with a developer ecosystem of administrators and developments. Coming in an easy-to-use, lightweight desktop application, Olive Helps create 'Loops,' that float the significant information needed for the current tasks. 

Powered by real-time intelligence, Olive Helps boosts the ROI of workers while reducing the risks of burnout. With tech partnerships with ASUS, DHGE, and Ribbon Health, Olive has achieved its prestigious AI Breakthrough Award, a testament to the potential of its platform to revolutionize the industry. Additional companies teaming up for Olive Helps include Adaptrack, Welcome Home Health, Telespine, Clear Child Psychology, Rotera, ScaleHealth, Well Advised, Advocatia, Amend Health, Louvir, with more partners added daily.

Improving Experience for Both Workers and Patients

"Every day, our dedicated healthcare workforce is responsible for providing life-saving care to their patients. Unfortunately, most workers are plagued with outdated and time-consuming technology systems that hamper them from carrying out this critical care," explains Tony Brancato, Olive Executive Vice President and Cybernetics General Manager. He explains that with Olive Helps, they can realize their goal to empower healthcare workers by giving them assistive intelligence, expediting their every task, boosting their decision-making capabilities, and dedicating their time to the patients entrusted in their care.

Olive Helps is now deployed in various health systems, including one in California, where the health system's call center enjoyed an entire minute shaved off average call times. This equates to a 12.5% time savings, which helps patient wait times and improves the overall experience. Aside from the patient benefits it provides, Olive Helps also creates ten times better experience for healthcare workers in patient access and triage teams, improving the onboarding process and raising the job satisfaction levels. This equates to about $1.9M in revenue savings and growth opportunities for the system.

To learn more about Olive or start Olive Helps in your organization, visit the Official Olive Helps website.


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