In late July, pilots from two different aircrafts, one military, and the other, a commercial aircraft, reported witnessing a mysterious UFO disappearing into the clouds.

According to a Vice News report, the said sighting took occurred over the Gulf of Saint Lawrence on the Atlantic coast of Canada.

 Based on an August 11 report to the aviation incident database a "bright green flying object" was witnessed by both flights, that flew into a cloud, then vanished. The said occurrence did not affect either of the flight's operations, as specified in the report.

One of the two aircrafts that reported the incident was a Canadian military plane flying to Cologne, Germany from a base in Ontario.

Meanwhile, the passenger flight was identified as a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines plane that flies to Amsterdam from Boston.

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Science Times - Mysterious Green UFO Seen Vanishing Into Clouds; Pilots From 2 Different Aircrafts Witness the Sighting
(Photo : JetPix on Wikimedia Commons)
Boeing 737-306, KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines AN0691853

2 Flights and the Mysterious Object

In a similar report, specified that aviation and shipping researcher Steffan Watkins examined at transponder data from the said two flights and saw that the military plane climbed 1,000 feet in altitude at the time the flying object was seen, possibly to avoid it or get a closer look at it.

Watkins also said, there is a chance that the UFO could have been a meteor rushing through the sky. The researcher explained he knew the green UFO recently seen would have been at the initial stage of a meteor shower called Perseid.

Meanwhile, the Canadian aviation report labeled the occurrence with what's described as the catch-all tag, "weather balloon, meteor rocket, UFO," sans ruling out a space rock as the potential culprit.

Different from the United States defense department, the Department of National Defense of Canada does not track sightings of the UFO, according to the department spokesperson.

Early Sightings

Despite the sightings, Live Science previously reported, "there's no shortage of civilian enthusiasts, north of the border."

 Specifically, in 2019, a private collector provided over 30,000 UFO-related documents as donations to the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. Such donations include scores of documents on the Falcon Lake incident, the most infamous UFO case.

Meanwhile, in June this year, the Pentagon publicly issued a long-awaited report on more than 140 sightings by US Navy pilots of UFOs.

In conclusion, the report specified that perhaps, most of the unidentified aerial phenomena or UAP reported, do embody physical objects, although there is no evidence that behind any of these occurrences are alien visitors.

Aircraft Unaffected

As indicated in the statement issued to Vice News, the spokesperson of the Canadian military said the air force of Canada has no intention of or should investigate the sighting further.

In this specific occurrence, there is nothing to specify that what the pilots saw postured any kind of safety threat to the aircraft. The spokesperson added they believe that they saw something and they would not have reported it, otherwise.

Also according to the spokesperson from the private company, Nav Canada, that operates the air traffic control system of the country, and whose employees would have been given the initial reports, there is no additional information about Nav Canada, available for such occurrences.

Transport Canada warned that in all statements related to its aviation reporting system, reports comprise initial, unverified data "which can be subject to change.

Related information about Canadian UFO sightings is shown on CitiNews's YouTube video below:


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