Do you use VPNs for top-notch security and hiding your identity?

Or maybe you use VPN in places like the UAE, where the government has banned it for valid reasons.

Or use a gaming VPN to enhance your gaming experience.

VPNs are now the real deal when it comes to surfing the web without any legal constraints.

Maybe you have used it for all purposes, but there are still few innovative uses of VPN you need to explore.

What is VPN?

As per Forbes, Cybersecurity Ventures are predicted to be a $6 trillion world by 2021. As cybercriminals are finding a way to attack more and more users,  VPNs come into the scene.

A virtual private network is a holy grail for security purposes. It creates a  secured and private connection, known as a "tunnel," to the internet. Your information, data, and all other data sets pass through this tunnel in an encrypted format.

Now you don't have to worry about hackers, data breaches, or 24 hours surveillance on your internet activities.

The best part is that you can use VPN for unblocking content and accessing new content, freely stream content, and access any site of your choice. While these are the most common usage of VPNs, there are some hidden benefits also.

Let's explore some of them.

6 Innovative Ways to Use VPN

  1. Locating the Home Network

You must have heard that it's easier to protect public wifi connections with a VPN, but a VPN can also access your saved files on your home PC  from anywhere in the world.

Sounds cool?

Since the odds are that your desktop is at home, maybe it has thousands of diverse collections of files and data on it. It can be both for work, personal, or entertainment purposes.

In case you suddenly need any of those files and want to access them. For these instances, it's best to connect your  VPN remote set up access to your Pc and access all those files you need. A VPN can make this remote connection to the home safe and fast.

  1. Take Advantage of Geo Discounts

Let's say you want to buy new shoes. Now you go on and search for the same product at two different places. You see different prices on both platforms.

The Flipkart website from Canada has the same shoe prices at a lower rate than the site of the US. Ask yourself, should you just pay the higher price or not?

And if not then what's the alternative. A VPN connection is the answer!

Here's how, if you use a VPN connection to modify your IP address, you can easily buy your favorite shoes from Canada and ship them to the US.

If you're living in the US, your location can change with the help of a VPN. That's how VPN helps you to save some bucks and enjoy e-shopping.

  1. Secure Uploading

We know that VPN has peer-to-peer connection that makes data transfer smooth, but they also ensure that it doesn't hamper your web speed/ internet speed.

VPN does create a secure connection between you and the server to encrypt your data and hide it from any hackers or third parties. If you want to download or upload any data or file, a VPN never comes in your way. It helps you transfer data at the same speed (regular internet speed) so that whenever you're in a hurry, you don't have to suffer from any kind of delay.

  1. Remote Work

PCMag states that 30% of internet users and 35% of users aged between 16 and 34 use V in Asia Pacific countriesPNs.

The visible shift is the result of the ongoing pandemic - a lot of people has moved to a work-from-home setup. And they look for ways to protect their work securely from home.

It's natural to connect their network to the local server in the office. So a VPN makes remote working easy and efficient.

Also, the scope of work isn't limited to the corporate world. Various emerging economies like the gig economy and online businesses are alive due to VPNs.

  1. Overlaying Tracks Online

ISP throttling is common. When your traffic quickly leaves a trace online, hackers and ISPs can easily see your web history. The chances of data breaching get high.

But a VPN uses a strong no-log policy VPN to keep your data records to yourself and protect them from being breached.

In short, it shields your data tracks online and makes them unreadable. A carefully chosen private network is a valuable weapon for covering your online footprints.

  1. Campus Connection

This one is often overlooked. A VPN connection can help secure extensive campus connections, which have thousands of computers or PCs.

But it isn't restricted to that. No matter how big the campus or workplace is, VPN can flawlessly protect your data.


To conclude, VPNs are a great tool and can be used in many creative ways.

If you're still unaware of VPN and its powers to secure your indemnity on the internet, you can start with all the above tips.

Test what works for you and use VPNs in every way to secure your privacy online.