The Delta variant of COVID-19 has been spread all over the United States, giving everyone reasons for finding the best approach, including taking vitamins to prevent the highly-transmitted strain of the virus from progressing.

According to Health Thoroughfare, health institutions which include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization, are encouraging individuals to be vaccinated against the virus, as it stays the best protection strategy.

Nonetheless, a lot of people have sought substitute approaches of prevention, which include ingesting Ivermectin, a medicine developed for horses; Hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug; and vitamins that are not recommended by health experts.

For the enhancement of people's immunity, many people are taking nutritional complements such as vitamin C or iron. Nonetheless, according to Mayo Clinic, such additions may not affect or even enhance one's immunological function.

Biology professor Dr. Sandra Adam, from the University of Montclair explained, vitamins could not build an adequate immune response to protect one from any variant of COVID-19.

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Science Times - Delta Variant: Does the Role of Vitamins Help with Protection Against This COVID-19 Strain?
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While vitamins might not prevent COVID-19, they do have a lot of benefits in one’s health. They can definitely do so many things for the body.

The Real Role of Vitamins

While vitamins might not prevent the fatal virus, they do have a lot of benefits in one's health. They can do so many things for the body.

Some help an individual keep slim and active while others serve as immunity and energy boosters. Vitamin C in particular can keep the blood sugar stable while helping fight wrinkles and building collagen in the skin.

Essentially, vitamin supplements are available in tablet, liquid, and pill form. Whether one is looking for fat loss or an energy enhancement, there is a particular vitamin for every purpose.

Whether one is taking a pill or topical form, every vitamin offers nutrients to the body in an uninterrupted form.

Can We Get Protection Against COVID-19?

Resident Weekly report said, according to virologist and science teacher Dr. Sandra Adams from Montclair State University, added nutrients cannot "support a critical enough safe reaction" to keep an individual from getting COVID-19 infection, or any of its variations.

She added that nutrients cannot keep contamination from the Delta variant. Adams also said, vitamins cannot interfere with any stage in the replication of the COVID-19 virus or any of its strains, nor would vitamins be adequate to boost the immune reaction to stop the onset of the disease.

Meanwhile, according to the CDC, the Delta variant is currently answerable for nearly 100 percent of all cases of COVID-19.

Professor Davidson Harmer, from Global Health and Medicine at Boston University of Schools of Public Health and Medicine has been investigating the link among sustenance and contamination, and the manner micronutrients are substantial for resistant capacity.

He told Newsweek that while taking minerals and nutrients is important for keeping up with safe capacity, no proof has been reported and recorded that taking nutrients will protect one from getting infected with the virus.

He elaborated that there is evidence that vitamin D deficiency is linked to an increased risk of getting infected with COVID-19. Nonetheless, the limited research that has evaluated vitamin D supplements in an attempt to avoid infection has not presented any benefit.

Related information about vitamins as protection against COVID-19 is shown on Dr. Christy Risinger's YouTube video below:


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