Parents perhaps have the toughest job in the world, raising their children and balancing their work and life expectations. However, in reality, they rarely get days of relaxation or time for themselves, even during vacation, because they still need to mind their children.

On the other hand, it is only during vacations that parents are willing to let their kids get away with bad habits. A new survey reveals that parents become more lenient with their kids during this time of the year and let them do almost anything they want.

 Parents Admitted Being More Lenient with Kids During Vacation to Let Them Do Anything They Want, Survey Reveals
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Parents Admitted Being More Lenient with Kids During Vacation to Let Them Do Anything They Want, Survey Reveals

Parents Toss the Rule Book During Family Vacations

The new survey, conducted by OnePoll in collaboration with Duracell, asked 2,000 parents with children ages 0-14 how they deal with their kids during family vacations. According to The Sun, parents are more than willing to toss the rule book during vacation, even those who consider themselves strict parents.

Over 50% of the parents surveyed said they do not enforce their usual routine while on the beach, while 80% said they are more lenient to their children when driving to their destination.

Moreover, nearly 70% of the parents in the survey said that they are more open to allowing their kids to sleep late at night during vacation or while on a trip. Also, around 57% of them allow their kids to eat junk food during this time.

Additionally, 49% said they allow their kids to play with their gadgets for a little more time. They said that if their kids learn something of value during the trip, then letting them play with their gadgets more than usual is OK.

While on a trip, 71% of the parents said that they prefer taking pictures with their family during family vacation than going out to eat ad sightseeing.

As always, the top priority of parents during family trips is to keep them happy and entertained. They pack more snacks, batteries, pair of socks, reusable bottles of water, portable electronic devices, and books. Almost 80% of parents said it often feels like they are packing the whole house when taking trips with the whole family.

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Importance of Human Bonding

Simply spending time with family is important, especially in the fast-paced world of a modern family. Summertime is often the best time of the year to take a vacation as it offers a lot of opportunities for each member to spend time together and make some good quality time.

Psychology professor Vivian Zayas said humans are naturally social beings. The Cornell Daily Sun reported that bonds formed during a person's life are important and help shape the person, whether spending time with family or friends.

Zayas said that human bonding is a product of evolution. It is an adaptive behavior that ensures it is rewarding, like eating, procreating, or doing something pleasurable. Maintaining relationships and interactions could be pleasurable as it pushes humans to form bonds.

According to Parenting NI, human bonding like spending time with family could build children's self-esteem, strengthen family bonds, develop positive behavior, encourage communication, improve children's academic performance, and teach children to be good friends and form more bonds with others.

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