You know that you truly have the "selfie" potential and you always wished that if there was a course in taking the perfect selfies, because that course would be something you'll be really using. Well, guess what, your wishes have just come true (in another country, if you are from the U.S.).

An adult learning college in London, named City Literary Institute is now offering a course in "the art of self-portraiture," in other words, taking photos of yourself in the bathroom mirror. The cost isn't too much either. At $200, you can become a self-portraiture artist!

But there is something bitter here. No beginners are allowed. If you are one, you will have to take a beginner's class and learn all about handling a camera and all its nuances. In other words, no self-portraitures with the iPhones are allowed.

If you have the experience of handling all the photographic nuances like the ISO and aperture while operating an SLR camera, then you will have a leg up in the selfie course.

There will be classes throughout the month in which students will be gaining a "critical understanding of the photographic self-portrait" by examining famous photographic selfies from decades past.

So, by the end of the month, you will not be just another Instragrammer who wishes to become famous; you will be a bona-fide selfie guru who will be confident with every selfie they take.

Do not expect to just sit your way through the course because that's not what it is about. You will be required to create a portfolio that will be reviewed by your peers to make sure that your selfies are of the top-notch quality and that they really contain that eyeball dragging effect.

So before we end this news article, we just wanted to give you a small splash of history about selfies.

The first self-portrait was painted by Vincent van Gogh.