Do you want to explore space?  There could be an app for that or, at least, you could create one for NASA.  In an effort to continue to seek new talent and new ideas for its exploration both here on Earth and in the vast reaches of our solar system, NASA has organized a new three-day event that will allow participants to develop mobile applications, software, hardware, data visualization and platform solutions that could contribute to the space exploration missions and improve life on Earth.  The event will be held April 10-12 at more than 135 locations worldwide including New York, the host of the event's Global Mainstage.

This year alone, NASA and other space agencies are planning 35 different challenges, focusing on four areas - Earth studies, space exploration, human health research and robotics.  The NASA challenges are in the Earth theme, supporting NASA's missions to monitor the Earth from the land, air and even space.

Deborah Diaz, chief technology officer at NASA headquarters in Washington, DC, said, "These challenges provide opportunities for US and global citizen scientists, engineers and students to interact and contribute to space exploration through code development, data analytics innovation, open source software and hardware".

This year the challenge will include the first ever Data Boot Camp, with a focus on Women in Data.  This new boot camp will give participants the chance to improve their skills with computer coding and data.  The boot camp will not only be available for participants of this years challenge but will also be made available to the public as well.

For the event to be held in New York, astronaut Cady Coleman and NASA chief scientist Ellen Stofan will be among those attending giving those participating in the challenge a chance to meet and greet these leaders at NASA.

During the challenge, there will be more than 200 different data sources made available, including data sets, services and tools.  Using these tools, participants will be able to improve their skills in computer coding and the handling of data of space exploration by using the tools and services that are made available to them.

Through this event, NASA hopes to bring together groups from all types of backgrounds including tech savvy citizens, scientists, entrepreneurs, educators and students.  They hope by bringing these groups together they can help in solving the problems and questions related to space exploration and even help solve broader subjects that could have a significant impact on life here on Earth.