Hardly a year has passed since the release of the iPad Mini 3 in October, and rumors have already started circulating about the iPad Mini 4.  With the iPad Mini 3 being a bit of a flop, people are expecting something better. Unfortunately, there might not be much updated. Beside the Touch ID and gold color option, the iPad Mini 3 does not differ much from the iPad Mini 2.  The kindest explanation for the flop of iPad Mini 3 can be that due to its focus on the new iPhone 6 and the new MacBook, Apple has not paid enough attention to its tablets.

Rumors suggest that Apple will close the sales of iPad Mini and iPad Mini 3 giving way to iPad Mini 4. The iPad Mini 2 will be sold at a slashed rate. So far Apple has always released their Mini series in October, therefore, it is assumed that the new iPad Mini 4 is scheduled to be unveiled this October. On the other hand, some reports suggest that the iPad mini 4 will be launching in April or June alongside the all new iPad Pro.

Rumors surrounding the iPad mini 4 are pretty thin. In November, Japanese magazine Mac Fan suggested that the iPad Mini 4 will be equipped with the A8X processor featured in iPad Air 2. It also said that the design of the iPad Mini 4 will be much thinner. While recent rumors stated that the iPad mini will come with the A9 processor which is likely to be launched with the new iPhones in September. The other features rumored to be included in iPad mini 4 are 2GB RAM, 802.11 ac WIFI and a much better camera. 

The iPad Mini 4 is assumed to be priced at $399 just like its predecessor. The price of the iPad Mini 3 will be slashed to $299 and the iPad Mini 2 to $249.