When it comes to the age of the internet, often the way we speak and interact on the interweb can cause us to become associated with those of an older or younger age group, based on linguistics, posting behavior and even what our friends say about us on our public page. But when it comes to the hard fact, and the face behind the screen it's often difficult to conceal our true ages, even when we'd like to shave a few off.

In a new venture, prompting more or a less a lot of hate mail on the internet this week, Microsoft has decided to take the guess out of the work, and is taking a stab at revealing just how old you truly are. The new website introduced this week, known as, works more or less like the carnival trick we're all accustomed to see. But instead of outwitting the plush-toy peddler behind the tent, you can try your shot at outsmarting the computer programming Microsoft has put into play. Upload an image with a simple click, and let the facial recognition software do the rest. Within a few short seconds you should have your real age...unless you're one of the many that Microsoft has come to mismatch.

Going viral on Twitter this week, Microsoft's newest website appears to have a couple of glitches, either erring on the older age of you could reasonably pass for, or more rarely shaving a dozen or so years off if you've got impeccable skin. But don't get your hopes up, if you're able to beat the computer, you're likely to receive an insult of being aged a decade or more, and though the intelligent programming may not be a person, the burn is still there when the insult is cast.

Think that you can beat the program?

Test your luck on the site and let us know what age Microsoft assigns you. While you're likely not too pleased with your results, check out these other noteworthy mismatches, that will assuredly brighten your day.