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Instagram Adds New App Feature for New York Fashion Week

Sep 11, 2015 01:35 AM EDT

The much awaited fashion week is set to kick off this Friday with Instagram adding a special feature on its app " The Best of Fashion Week Updated Daily by @Instagram "
(Photo : Reuters/Kena Betancur)

Instagram and fashion are now the best of friends as the Facebook-owned company collaborated with New York Fashion Week to launch a new feature to the app's Explore page.

A special section called "The Best of Fashion Week Updated Daily by @Instagram" will commence on Friday, Sept 10 together with the fashion week collection.

By clicking the Explore button, users can see the updates and top picks by Instagram from the #NYFW Spring 2016 content. The same group of people who culls Instagram's approximately 70 million daily post traffic will manage the feed and choose the best of the best. The social networking site pointed out that their team will not only be considering hashtags and number of "likes" because best content, behind-the-scenes coverage, street style and after parties will, in fact, matter more.

As per Instagram, during fashion week in February and March this year, there is a rough estimate of 140 million likes and comments and around 25 million active users in fashion-week related posts.

An article from The Wall Street Journal stated that "fashion weeks exist so that designers can put forth the ideas they hope will drive styles for the coming years while selling these concepts to stores and magazines."

On the other hand, while fashion enthusiasts await the kick off of #NYFW, magazines like Time and Huffington Post have recommended photographers to follow on during the week.

According to WWS, this is the first instance the photo- and video-sharing service company will be featuring daily updates to its users for a particular event, although collections from other events like Video Music Awards, Comic Con, and Pride have already been done.

As much as we are all excited not only for New York Fashion Week but also on London, Paris, and Milan's collection too, Instagram announced that this feature will only be available for the United States, for now.

Instagram will start launching a series of collections come Wednesday and Thursday to give their audience its first look.

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