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The Best Way For Organizations In Using Big Data

Sep 24, 2015 02:25 AM EDT

Employment's Big Data
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Using Big Data around the globe has advantages and downsides, in which every organization must address the soonest the possible.

According to Industrial-organizational psychology, although there are present issues with Big Data, the company can still make it efficient by following five recommendations.

Planning is essential in knowing why the company must collect the data. Make sure it is "relevant to individual, team, and organizational success," says Joe Sherwood, Human Capital Management Practice, SAP.

The next thing is being transparent. Companies should show to all organizational members what kind of data are being collected, which times and how it is used and how it could affect them.

Conversely, Bill Schiefelbein, Senior Vice President, E-Discovery Consulting, published an article related to this. He stresses that companies should confirm to all employees that the organization owns any and all business data in any form. - "and has the right to access and protect that data - even if stored on personal devices."

He added, that employees should be informed ahead that they have "no reasonable expectation of privacy with respect to any systems or devices used to store business data or to access the organization's system."

The other important thing is to give to the employees the sense of control. This is through allowing them some flexibility with regards to the kind of information the company gathers, when and what to do with it.

When regards to their personal devices,  the company must have a clear policy on the applications authorized for business activity, and to separate business from personal information.

Aside from that, the company must give feedback to the employee focusing on his development. Instead of computerized techniques or machine, use the superiors in giving positive responses.

Moreover, always understand that employees are affected differently, thus companies must use a collective view in making decisions. Brigg Pattern stated that "electronic monitoring systems affect people differently depending on things like age, gender, among others."

Bill Schiefelbein, Senior Vice President, E-Discovery Consulting stated that in order to keep employees from violations, the company must "enforce policies of consequences of failing to abide in the company policy and enforce those consequences for policy violations. Conduct regular assessment and reminders for employees that they understand and are abiding by these policies."

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